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Forsaken - Dominaeon (CD)

by Michael Dalakos at 31 January 2006, 6:20 PM

We are DDDDOOOOMMMMEEEEDDDD. That's the first thing that comes in mind every time I receive a package that includes a Doom Metal release. The phrase belongs to none other than Metal Temple's favorite bending unit… eh, Bender. However this package put a smile on my face the moment I saw its origin, the beautiful island of Malta. All Doom maniacs know that Malta is the base of operations for one of the greatest Doom acts - Forsaken.
Well, what do you know! Indeed the package included the new Forsaken masterpiece entitled Dominaeon. Funny thing is that this album fell into my hands just a couple of days before the snow invaded Athens. So what a better thing to do while walking around the snow-covered streets than listening to really Heavy f*ckin' Doom Metal?
Forsaken have built a reputation over the last years and release by release they have managed to create a large number of fans worldwide. All these facts are not a coincidence nor just good public relations. This is a hard working band, always delivering fine music. Their sound is distinct: based on the crunching guitars of Sean Vulkovic and the epic voice of Leo Stivala, they have crafted a musical identity / personality in a genre where it is so difficult to brake away from the cliches of the master bands.
Being a Doom band, Forsaken lacks in speed, but the power deriving from their compositions is something amazing, very difficult to describe in words. It's like listening a Power Metal bands trying to play very slow music. Indeed there are no boring parts in Forsaken's musical vision. Special mention to the exceptional job of Simeon Gatt - his drum rolls really add a lot of spice to the recipe.
In conclusion this has to be the best work of Forsaken until now. All the important elements are here. This can become a classic if the proper measures are taken. Fans of Doom Metal, you have just found another gem for your collection!

4 Star Rating

The Abscondant God (Intro)
Paradigm Of Chaos
Obsidian Dreams
The Celestial Alchemist
Daylight Dies
Blood Of The Son (Instrumental)
Wretched Of The Earth
Leo Stivala - Vocals
Sean Vukovic - Guitars
Albert Bell - Bass
Simeon Gatt - Drums & Percussion
Record Label: Golden Lake Production


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