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Forstenet – Ephemeros: Virvar

Ephemeros: Virvar
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 15 October 2019, 6:06 PM

From their Facebook page, FORSTENET is a constantly evolving and experimental Rock band based out of Denmark. “Forstenet” is the Danish word for ‘’Petrified’’ Or more directly: ‘’Turned to Stone’’ The word Ephemeros derives from the Greek efímeros, meaning "lasting only one day, short-lived. "Virvar" is the danish spelling of the German word ‘’Wirrwarr’’, meaning ‘’confusion/chaos/disorder.’’ The lyrical themes of the album are different stages of consciousness, extreme polarities of emotions and massive existential and psychological confusion. Forstenets aim with the lyrical part of the album is for the listener to enter a state of self-reflection and existential contemplation. “Ephemeros: Virvar” contains ten tracks.

“Ephemeros” leads off the album. It opens with a slow, dark and brooding riff. The vocals are tenuous at first, leading the harsh utterances, sung in native German. Emil puts in some nice fills at the right point. For the second verse, the cleans are done with harmonies. “Afmagtskvad” is an under two-minute shorter song, full of rage and some Gothic harmonies, seguing into “Intet Bilver.” It sounds a bit like the first track, with delicate vocals and just enough instrumentation to keep it alive. It has a longing quality to it, especially in the closing vocals parts. “Falkse Var” opens with soft piano notes and more of that despondent sound. The bluesy guitar solo is very nicely done, following the melody line as it cries out in pain.

“Udyrddelsesonket” opens with some fuzzy base notes and a bit of a faster pace overall. The vocals are screamed and this song borders on Punk Rock. I can see why the band is always pushing themselves, because this kind of variation is the result. “Dissonans I” is a short lead-in to “Dissonans II.” It has a repeating pattern of light reverb and vocals. “Dissonans II” picks up where it drops off, with a slow, lumbering pace and plenty of emotions. This is a trippy song with an extended lead guitar passage. It picks up a bit towards the end, with a crescendo of sounds.

“Skonhed Blant Kolossale Masser Af Gra” is a fourteen minute beast. It has a Proggy feeling to it, almost like old OPETH. It carries on for what seems like an eternity, featuring some emotional vocal peaks. It’s odd, they’ve managed to change their sound with each new track but keeping the core of the sound at the same time. “Urskov” is four minutes of a fast punch in the neck, with eerie guitars in the opening and a groovy little cadence. It again has a bit of a Punk Rock feeling to it, but with harsh and clean vocals happening at the same time. “Virvar” closes the album, opening with some guitar dissonance. Eerie tones dominate the track. Once again Emil lays down some nice drum fills.

Overall, it was difficult to categorize this album. Prog Rock? Prog Metal? Maybe, but with a tone of different influences that went into it. The vocals varied from all over the place as well. At its core, it is Dark, Gothic inspired Progressive Music that has that distinct Danish feeling to it. You know what I’m talking about. The darkness and mystery are enough to keep any listener interested so I definitely recommend giving his your time.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

1. Ephemeros
2. Afmagtskvad
3. Intet Bilver
4. Falkse Var
5. Udyrddelsesonket
6. Dissonans I
7. Dissonans II
8. Skonhed Blant Kolossale Masser Af Gra
9. Urskov
10. Virvar
Lauritz Andersen – Guitars, Vocals
Emil Deleuran Poulsen – Drums
Lasse Sølling Madsen – Guitars
Morten Gustav Eide – Bass
Troels Mathiesen – Keyboards, Bass Trombone
Record Label: Independent


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