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Fortid - 9 Award winner

by Paulomaniaco at 05 March 2015, 4:11 PM

FORTID actually began their journey in 2002 in Iceland and the main man behind this amazing project was Einar Thorberg, he produced three albums  known as the Volluspa Trilogy three great albums divided in three parts, "Thor's Anger" " The Arrival Of Fenris" and "Fall Of The Ages" three masterpieces done by this amazing musician, after that FORTID was relocated to the beautiful Norway and so a new era had begun, more members were recruited and now a full band was under the radar and a new album was released in 2012 entitled "Pagan Prophecies" and live shows were to follow, FORTID give us a new style of music called Extreme Pagan Metal with lots of Viking influences, I love it, it has essence and it has a soul as well and Norway and Iceland have lots of histories to tell.

Right now a new album is coming out, called "9"; pure Viking Metal, fans of AMON AMARTH will enjoy this album for sure, it is not as brutal or as aggressive but it is very interesting indeed, it has tones of variations, tempos and so on, very technical as well.

First track "Hrafnar" opens the gates to Valhalla with deep and melodic vocals, well worked guitars and catching riffs and that feeling of the Vikings invading and conquering new grounds, an epic sounding brought forward, excellent bass lines and so much going on and the ravens are flying low, bringing carnage to the weak ones.

"Hugur" somewhere lost in the depths of the mind evil lurks and awaiting for the right time to strike, and time is now, the vocals are just amazing, so evil and my spine fills up with chills, very good guitars and great chorus, a truly masterpiece, I mean how often do you see a band like this delivering some awesome work blowing onto your face, FORTID have just done it, and the witches are out tonight "Nornir"; the Witches are out tonight for the hunt, spells will be cast and souls will be lost into the unknown, the arrangements are very good, very intensive atmosphere and it gets wilder, fast drumming, guitars work in harmony and the solos speaks to itself. Evil fills the air with grotesque vocals in search of revenge, the hills of Norway hide lots of mysteries; do you dare to find out more?

"Viska" and the wisdom will prevail, chilling chorus fills the air, amazing arrangements, Viking Metal Attack is here, behold!! Slowly but surely destroying the enemies and with "Leit" the search has begun, perhaps it is a mix of KING DIAMOND and AMON AMARTH? I don't really care, all I care is that this is an ass kicker song, awesome stuff, as I said before lots of variation, tempo changes and so on, very interesting and then it blows on your face with the song title "9" total destruction and totally evil crazy vocals, Einar has managed to bring to the table an incredibly good album. It has everything a Headbanger wishes for, a trip into the dark abyss and I don't care about the returning ticket; tonnes of melodies and dark passages. Next, let "Galdur" begin and lose yourself into this dream, "Runir" the dark secrets fulfill the prophecies and the quest will be carried through the dark ages and the "Hof" will be awaiting for those who never betrayed the quest and the principles and died for the holy cause.

"9" is a masterpiece awaiting to be heard and soon the swords will be out, the production is top notch, they managed to keep within all the essence and the Viking sounding does prevail, artwork is also excellent, very smart indeed. Hope to see FORTID performing live some day!

5 Star Rating

1. Hrafnar (Ravens)
2. Hugur (Mind)
3. Nornir (Witches)
4. Viska (Wisdom)
5. Leit (Search)
6. 9
7. Galdur (Magic)
8. Runir (Runes)
9. Hof (Temple)
Einar "Eldur" Thorberg - Bass, Keyboards, Vocals, Guitars
Rikard Jonsson - Bass
Daniel Theobald - Drums
Ostein Hansen - Guitars
Record Label: Schwarzdorn productions


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