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Fortress Black – I.N.R.I

Fortress Black
by Andrew Sifari at 08 April 2016, 11:07 PM

FORTRESS BLACK are a Black Metal outfit hailing from Stuttgart in Germany. The band, formed by vocalist Jochen BD, mix soul crushing darkness with raw Extreme Metal ferocity in their deeply despondent music, exemplified by their latest release, the “I.N.R.I.” EP.

While a good portion of the EP’s lyrics are delivered in German, its song titles should offer enough of a view of the optimism level of the music here, and musically, it doesn’t disappoint in delivering harsh and hopeless vibes. The duo of “Endzeit” and “Leave Me Alone” open things up in a rather simplified form; they sound almost like the midsections of longer, separate songs isolated for their sheer ferocity and sonic animosity. Far from a criticism, they do stand well enough on their own that any sort of extended arrangements around them would only stand to prolong the experience unnecessarily, and that is something FORTRESS BLACK definitely do not seem to be about, as evidenced by the condensed song durations.

From here, the band move on to the necro-grooves of “Lost Soul,” whose bleak imagery and grating misanthropy are colored by a hint of Hardcore-like intensity, while “Now I Lay Me Down” strikes a slower and more mournful tone before unleashing a torrent of furious blastbeats. The EP’s title track pummels its way forward with a classic dose of Black Metal venom and dissonance that is very much a staple of the band’s sound, the embodiment of dissatisfaction and disaffection in musical form. “The Poison Belt” brings forth the end in fire, propelling itself forward with rabid intensity that only seems to get harder and faster as the song goes on.

“Fresh” might not be the first word most would think of when describing such deliberately hostile and negative music, but it fits in the sense that FORTRESS BLACK manage to play a style of Black Metal that fans of the genre should be able to appreciate, one that is entirely capable and sincere if not groundbreaking. For those of you looking for something for powerful, visceral Black Metal without any frills, “I.N.R.I.” is worth the pickup.

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

Final Verdict: 7/10

3 Star Rating

1. Endzeit
2. Leave Me Alone
3. Lost Soul
4. Now I Lay Me Down
5. I.N.R.I.
6. The Poison Belt
Jochen BD - Vocals
Doc Ro - Drums
Bag-E - Bass
Kehbel – Guitars
Record Label: Demons Run Amok Entertainment


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