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Fortress Under Siege - Phoenix Rising Award winner

Fortress Under Siege
Phoenix Rising
by Megan McMillan at 16 December 2014, 10:11 PM

“Phoenix Rising” is the second musical offering from the Greek ‘melodic power prog’ metal band. After listening to the album several times it’s hard to believe that this is their soft-more record. It has some excellent musicianship throughout the 10 tracks. Some of the melodies they have carved are just as good as those written by heavy metal giants, IRON MAIDEN. It seems as though Fortress Under Siege have been forming their original music style since birth and have now found their element.

The introductory track, “Don’t Let Go”, serves as a summary of what to expect for the rest of the album. It’s cheesy and theatrical with epic choruses. The power and progressive metal elements that FORTRESS UNDER SIEGE experiment with actually work really well together and enhance one another’s sound. For instance, the use of 1970s keyboard and explosive power chords give off a much more powerful sound. Possibly the most enjoyable part of every track is both the build up and climax of the big, melodramatic chorus’s. The lyrics are a major part that helps to solidify the drama of this record.

Considering they’re origins are Athens, it’s not surprising that they have incorporated a lot of mythology in their lyrics and narratives, what with song titles such as “Eagles Fly Forever” and “A Marty’s Death”. It gives the music more depth to it because the concepts explored are incredibly theatrical. FORTRESS UNDER SIEGE definitely found the right material to sing about that matches the music style; otherwise it might not have created the write tone and atmosphere that they have created as a result. The dramatics of the entire record is fundamentally solidified by the provocative melodies that overlap the other layers of music.

Phoenix Rising” is ultimately a record for people who are seriously into power and melodic metal similar to the likes of HAMMERFALL and AVANTASIA. It will also appeal to fans of DREAM THEATER what with the intricate guitar lines, however. The album definitely leans on the power metal side more than any other genre included. But regardless of your music taste, FORTRESS UNDER SIEGE have really proven their talent on this record as song writers and musicians by creating an engaging selections of tracks that should intrigue any fan of European metal.

4 Star Rating

1. Don’t Let Go
2. Phoenix rising
3. Hate What we Like
4. Universal Conspiracy
5. Eagles Fly Forever
6. Final Attempt
7. A Marty’s death
8. Whisper in the Dark
9. Eyes of the Snake
10. Blue Valley Shadow
Fotis Sotiropoulos - Guitars
Alex HANNIBAL Balakakis - Vocals
George Georgiou - Keyboards
George Kritharis - Bass
Giannis Dimoulas - Drums
Record Label: Steel Gallery Records


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