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Fortunate Fall - Camera Obscura Award winner

Fortunate Fall
Camera Obscura
by Calen Nesten at 27 August 2014, 9:45 PM

FORTUNATE FALL has released their newest album “Camera Obscura” in April 2014. FORTUNATE FALL doesn’t have much of an online presence except through twitter (their facebook links all took me to my home page, maybe you will have better luck) so it was difficult to find anything about the band’s history. They are one of five bands on Electrodeath records, all of which are really awesome, by the way. Be sure to check out DR.LASER and VENOM LAB while you are there. For Electrodeath Records, most, if not all, of the bands appear to be headed by the very talented Wesley Richards.

While most of Electrodeath’s other projects are more digitally influenced, FORTUNATE FALL stays within the realm of unadulterated death metal. I believe that “Camera Obscura” was named such because it is meant to show an outsider’s view of society and the harmful influences of consumerism, religion and greed. The album captures an idea of society that is like watching a film and knowing that no matter how loud you shout “run!” or “hide!” Jason still kills the campers. The vocals are loud and harsh but delivered clearly enough to make every word, and therefore the album’s message, stands out. As for the instrumentation on this album, FORTUNATE FALL has incorporated a small amount of psychobilly and horror rock to enhance the horror theme that presents itself in the band’s titles, lyrics and music videos.

FORTUNATE FALL’s music videos for the tracks on “Camera Obscura” cannot be ignored. They stay away from the dimly lit faces, medieval torture devices and mountain ranges found in many metal videos. FORTUNATE FALL uses psychedelic effects and filters placed on top of stock footage and old movie clips. In a couple cases, entire movies are sped up and chopped to the frantic pace of FORTUNATE FALL’s destructive melodies. “Camera Obscura” is an amazing album by a very talented band and I look forward to listening to, and watching future releases from FORTUNATE FALL.

5 Star Rating

1. Full Moon Tonight
2. Center Stage
3. Run form the Dead
4. Fast Lies
5. Nightmare 6
6. Release
7. Eclipse
8. The First Cell
9. Occupy
10. Blood Stained Hands
11. Yesterday (Venom Lab Cover)
Wesley Rich - Guitar (lead)
Richard Swesley - Bass
Wesley Snipes - Drums
Dolf Lundgren - Guitar (rhythm)
Record Label: Electrodeath Records


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