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Fostermother - The Ocean

The Ocean
by Ricardo Casagrande at 22 April 2022, 10:37 PM

FOSTERMOTHER is a Psychedelic Doom metal band from Houston, Texas that started out as an individual project by multi-instrumental musician Travis Weatherred. He released a single in 2019 called “Destroyers” and shortly after Stephen Griffin joined the project on bass and additional songwriting as the duo seemed to gel instantly. In 2020 they went on to release the groups first full length self titled album. The reviews and acknowledgements of the work came in fast and with high praise as we fast forward to 2022 and with the addition of drummer Jason Motamedi, they have returned with their sophomore album The Ocean.

The album kicks off with the track “Sunday” with a mellow intro of smooth guitar and bass before amping it up giving the song a MASTODON effect. The band keeps up with the mid tempo pace, allowing the chords to ring out with some pounding drums. The album immediately seems to be well mixed allowing the fading vocals not to be overtaken in any way. “Seasons” starts off with more of a punchy guitar and bass with a muffled or fuzzy effect that consists throughout. The main riff is pretty catchy and is like an intensified blues riff with the drums holding the rhythm as the timing allows for some creative fills from Jason. Towards the end we are left with the rumbling fuzzy bass and the drums to carry the song along before the guitar jumps in with an old school BLACK SABBATH flow to put an end to the tune. “Hedonist” kicks off with I guess you could say a classic FOSTERMOTHER riff before giving way to smooth and relaxing guitars allowing the kick in the face effect to be enhanced once the band jumps back into the riffage. Travis’s vocals are a stand out on the track and fit the song perfectly as it becomes a beast of a headbanger to finish up the song.

The next song up is “Dark Desires” and is a more aggressive track with a straightforward metal riff and does carry a darkening effect to the song. The drums are more fast paced and in your face as the guitar and bass drive the pace of the song and with the vocals comes across like a KATATONIA track. Within the first eight seconds of the track “Unholiest of Days” you are greeted with a guitar riff that entices you to bang your head, nod your head, tap your fingers, whatever you are into. It is complemented with driving drums before handing the riff over to Stephen who’s stage shaken bass sounds great. The track slows itself down as the band hammers home another dominating riff before the song loops back into the opening riff. The next track “Arrival” begins with a slow driving force and turns into more of a rock song with some cool timing and never strays too far from the pounding force in the beginning of the track. The song “Redeemer” brings back another cool riff as Travis’ vocals remind me of how GHOST delivers his vocals without the highs. The music calms itself with some well done bass and drums as the guitar carries on very rhythmically before coming back into the verse. The album finishes up with the song “Solitude” and opens with a sluggish muffled riff before converting to more pace and carrying a heavy bass and guitar riff. Midway through the song, it mellows off with a trance like lullaby before the rumble of the bass and drums carries the song back into a dark like melody as the guitar maintains the slow melody as the song fades off.

This album should stand out to Doom metal fans just as much as the first album. The band carries the tempo very well between slowing it down and proceeding to pick it up a notch, as I think that is a very important aspect to the genre. With the success of the previous release, I am sure it helped with the production of this record as it sounds well pieced together. The riffs are plentiful on the album, it seems each track is built around a killer riff and the guys are not afraid of letting them play themselves out. All in all it is a very good album, and would sound killer to catch these guys in a small venue atmosphere.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

4.Dark Desires
5.Unholiest Of Days
6.The Ocean
Travis Weatherred - Guitars, vocals
Stephen Griffin - Bass
Jason Motamedi - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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