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Foul Body Autopsy - This Machine Kills Zombies

Foul Body Autopsy
This Machine Kills Zombies
by Martin "Doomed" Desbois at 19 April 2018, 7:39 AM

This Machine Kills Zombies » is the second full length release for Tom Reynolds (Leicester,UK based one man project) that started in 2010. Released this March 24, « This Machine Kills Zombies » leads us to a zombie filled , brains splattered apocalyptic realm where Tom Reynolds like to dwell and explore. At first, the superb comic-style artwork from Alan O’Neill (TROLLKRAFT, CHURCH OF LIES) is really amazing and inviting. Extreme graphics and colors, original and overwhelming…reminds me of TOXIC HOLOCAUST and MUNICIPAL WASTE. Don't get fooled by the project's name : this ain't NECROPHAGIST oriented music.

First track "Ghost Ships (Full of Rotten Corpses)" is straight forward thrash with harsh vocals, straight to the point riffs, and being one minute 40 seconds long, acts as an appetizer for the rest to come. "The Unquiet Dead" is a riff vending machine. Mr. Reynolds has many aces in his guitar. The vocals are quite the same has in the first track, it fits well the music, just the right range to kill these brain hungry fiends. The drums sounds artificial though.It is well done, but I feel the machine instead of human work. But that’s not that dramatic, only a little annoying for me.

"Outbreak" has some inventive and fast shreds. The chorus adds cool vibes to the song, and it makes the song less generic thrash. Elements of Death Metal can be heard here. "Chaos Reign" puts a break in the momentum and let us breathe a little, while the song begins with something very different, kind of easy listening rock warm up. Then we get propulsed to the riff machine again for a dangerous ride full of danger and life threatening guitar work. Another variation we get exposed to is a change of tempo here again , the mellow part from the beginning isn’t an intro, it’s kind of a musical verse repeated a few time. It’s a nice idea in that it creates a song that's not only straight ahead fast until the end and everybody gets killed.

"Obliterate All Life" is a more melodic and NWOBHM inspired song with the same vocals. It sounds a bit strange to me, and I can't tell why. Musically, this one shows Tom's great skills. Great riffs and melodies. Interesting. I can say know that Mr Reynolds knows how to riff with a big "R"!!! Yeah! "Total War" gets me headbanging like a schizophrenic psychopath! More Death metal here with extreme melodic maelström in this purulent battle field. Another approach is used here and its quite good, we won't fall in a thrash album pointing in only one direction. We know there's multiple avenues. With "Circling The Drain" we continue on that mass-killing journey. Vocals show lower notes at times which is great, I'd suggest singing it more to create ambivalence in the songs that could be very profiting to the songs. Hey that's only a compliment hiding in a suggestion!

"Purified Ready To Reclaim" closes this chapter with powerful chords and nice drumming. This one sounds pretty much like some older IN FLAMES. After five minutes, we can hear a fade out and…PIANO! An epilogue to end this offering. Time to crack open a cold one, yelling at the sun and starting to think of a better future !!! While having very cool graphics , ideas, creative riffing, and singing ,this album should've been recorded on real instruments for drums. The mechanic and artificial drums should not have been used in my opinion. There's great potential and I'm sure Mr Reynolds is only beginning to surprise us. This album put him on the map, and is a great exposure, but why not hire session musicians for the next opus!? Keep on killing them!!!

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Ghost Ships (Full Of Rotting Corpses)
2. The Unquiet Dead
3. Outbreak
4. Chaos Reigns
5. Obliterate All Life
6. Total War
7. Circling The Drain
8. Purified Ready To Reclaim
Tom Reynolds - Guitars, Bass, Vocals, & Drum Programming
Record Label: Independent


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