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Foul - Of Worms

Of Worms
by Crisstopher Robyn at 12 March 2019, 9:33 AM

FOUL, the Doom Metal four piece from Seattle, Washington, have brought a sinister sound to the West Coast. Channeling their influences, such as MY DYING BRIDE, INCANTATION, and SPECTRAL, they bring their own version of darkness into this world. Their E.P. "Of Worms" brings twenty seven minutes on four tracks of vile concoctions into fruition.

The first track, “Effigy of Tredecuple Emaciation,” hits you hard in the face causing your nose to bleed. The down-tuned guitars give off an evil vibe to T.L.’s gutturals throughout the song. The drumbeats are like a stake being driven into your heart over and over. Their influences lay heavy and hit you solid for almost eight minutes. “Sorceress of Worms” lays down an intro fit for a horror film. You can feel the killer slowly creeping up behind you as the song begins. As the song turns, it has you by the throat and it is too late. Heavy influences of INCANTATION and Nile ring strong in my bleeding ears for almost nine minutes of ritualistic torture. When you realize you are only halfway through this album, “Writhing Tectanic Bicephalith” brings you to another level of Hell. The gloomy track keeps your face underneath muddy water for nearly six minutes. The hacking instruments bring a heavy rhythm filled by struggle. By the time you catch a breathe, you find yourself held underneath the grime once more. The album has become more of a nightmare than just a listening experience. The final track, “Feculent Unbirth,” brings more anger with fierce guitar play and blast beats. You have escaped the murderer but they have given chase. You reach a safe place, but the maniac is slowly creeping up behind you. Once he grabs you for a final time, your death is imminent. Four and a half minutes of sheer, violent horror. It is finally over.

FOUL have taken "Of Worms" into a fairly vast land of Doom and Gloom metal. Coming from Seattle, where Grunge Rock is more known, they have pressed a limited run of 200 cassettes with the help of Calagari Records. This is always a great way of promoting by limiting physical copies. By adding the fact that not much is known about the band other origin and the initials of the band members, the aura around the band and their music becomes an enigma. Hopefully, more information about the band will eventually come into the light while this E.P. finds its own success surrounded in darkness.

Songwriting- 8
Originality- 8
Memorability- 8
Production- 8

4 Star Rating

1.  Effigy of Tredecuple of Emaciation
2.  Sorceress of Worms
3.  Writhing Tectanic Bicephalith
4.  Feculent Unbirth

T.L. - Vocals
S.D. - Guitar
M.P.- Bass
A.R.- Drums

Record Label: Caligari Records


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