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Fountain Of Tears - Fate (CD)

Fountain Of Tears
by Ian Kaatz at 28 January 2008, 9:02 AM

Initially, when I read the description for the band and it read something to the effect of Goth/Progressive Metal with female vocals, I thought, yeah another one. Though they are Nightmare, so I gave them a listen since I trust Lance's judgment normally. After the first couple of spins it didn't stick and then certain parts were like apoxy.

Originally formed in 1995 by Jeff and Erik Ney in Philadelphia. The band members have an extensive history as well Joe was in BELIEVER, Vonnie was in a group called R-ANGELS and were signed to Motown Records, and Erik and Mike were at one time in SACRAMENT. They have released only two other recordings a demo and self released full length.

The first full song is titled Corruption which, is a good introduction to the band. The song contains a pretty solid chorus along with some entrancing atmospheres created by the molding of the vocals with the keyboards. Don't think they left out guitars on this record either; there is a nice little solo around the mid-point. There is a certain flare to Vonnie's voice during the chorus that sounds really unique. It is really hard to place what it reminds me of, but I think that when I listen to her voice it makes sense she was at one time sign to Motown Records. I think I would compare her vocal approach as a more casual Floor Jansen from AFTER FOREVER with a little bit of something extra; though FOUNTAIN OF TEARS's are much slower for the most part. The instrumental part of the song at the end also sounds really tight and cohesive as a unit. I thought Falling kind of fell through the cracks, it just didn't click with me; not like the third song What Lies Ahead. All I can say about this song is, WOW.  The chorus is huge sounding without being very intense or fast. As with the first song the keyboards and vocals blend perfectly and the guitars complement them on the side. I heard the bass stand out a little more than usual on this track as well.
Forever Lost I didn't find to be that enthralling and Desire only had parts of the song that really stood out, in particular the last minute or so if it. Descent Into Maelstrom, I thought was really cool sounding for a short instrumental. The sixth song With My Fears has some of the better guitar work on the album very reminiscent of early LACUNA COIL. The vocal patterns that Vonnie uses on Ten are some of my favorite from the album. On this song I think her vocals really stand out and you can really hear the mash-up of Cristina Scabbia (LACUNA COIL) and Floor Jansen. Another thing that I liked about this track is that string accompaniments stand out a lot more along with some more technical keyboards that are also mixed with some stellar hi-hat and cymbal patterns in the climax of the song. Jasmine and Fate are other strong songs, but they use the same basic formula that I have previously stated; not that it is a bad thing by any means.

I think that this group of musicians from Philadelphia definitely has a future in the industry that is Metal music. I would recommend this release to any fan of LACUNA COIL, but not so much to any fan of AFTER FOREVER since the band lacks the Power Metal tinges that AFTER FOREVER uses semi-frequently.

3 Star Rating

Weeping Sky
What Lies Ahead
Forever Lost
A Decent Into Maelstrom
With My Fears
Vonnie King - Vocals
Erik Ney - Bass
Mike DiDonato - Guitars
Jeff King - Keyboards
Joe Daub - Drums
Record Label: Nightmare Records


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