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Four Letter Lie - A New Day (CD)

Four Letter Lie
A New Day
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 10 December 2009, 9:12 PM

One more album from Victory Records. This time it is about FOUR LETTER LIE and their modern offering A New Day. The sticker on the album was kind of encouraging, but as we know some times labels try to promote their bands comparing them to known acts. So, I guess FOUR LETTER LIE are not so similar to ATREYU and SLVERSTEIN, and definitely not as good as them.

Hailing from Minnesota, USA, FOUR LETTER LIE had relative success since they started, since their debut self financed EP sold over 1,500 copies! After one more EP, the band signed a contract with Victory Records, where it has released three album until now, including A New Day.

What I realized upon listening to FOUR LETTER LIE's new full-length effort, is that we are talking about a modern melodic Hardcore band after all these years still hasn't found its musical identity. A New Day is an album without musical personality since it features various musical styles that haven't been mixed up to form a tight musical entity. The album starts with a more commercial version of A LIFE ONCE LOST, reaches My Surrender, which could easily be a radio hit if you take out the harsh vocals and totally fails with Young Hearts which is actually an Alternative Rock track with harsh vocals.

I don't know why someone should spend his money on this album, especially when SILVERSTEIN are back with a new kickass album. I guess you have to be a die hard melodic Hardcore/Screamo fan (if such people actually exist) to find something in here.

1 Star Rating

We're All Sinners
Careless Lover
It's Finally Over
My Surrender (feat. Jesse Barrera)
The Spell
Key To The World
I'm Done Trying To Make It
Young Hearts
Faces In Places
Brian Nagan - Vocals
John Waltmann - Guitar, Bass
Connor Kelly - Guitar
Timothy Java - Drums
Record Label: Victory Records


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