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Fovitron – Altar of Whispers

Altar Of Whispers
by Cherie Wong at 23 July 2020, 9:50 PM

Back on April 15, 2020, Greek Symphonic Melodic Black/Death Metal band FOVITRON released their first full-length album “Altar Of Whispers.” This comes after their self-titled EP debut released in 2017. FOVITRON’s style of black metal is full of symphonic and orchestral background elements, but without losing the ferocity of black metal and the intensity of death metal. They add atmosphere and a bit of melody to the otherwise extreme sound. “Altar Of Whispers” also has a clean production for a black metal album and a debut album, which suits this style of metal well.

The Grieving King” is a suitably eerie and symphonic track for this style of black metal. Ominous synths give way to a somber piano melody. This creates a suitable atmosphere for the second track “Inner Demons.” After a short overture, the black metal pace, riffs, and growling vocals begin. The track alternates between the typical fast pace of black metal and a slower, head banging riff. The background orchestral elements remain a constant throughout the track. “Dreading The Night” begins with an almost cheesy orchestral section, but redeems itself quickly with the guitar playing and riffs that follow. The combination of the riffs, orchestra, and syncopated vocals produce an epic sound.

Endless Whispers” stood out to me because it’s essentially a power ballad, but in the band’s symphonic blackened style. Nuntius Mortis duets with a female vocalist that sings in a clean and clear operatic voice. The ferocity in the music is not lost, however, as there are still black metal riffs and passages of only dirty vocals. I don’t typically like “beauty and the beast” vocals, but I thoroughly enjoyed this track.

Overall, I recommend FOVITRON for fans of symphonic black metal like their peers SEPTICFLESH. I am impressed by how good the band sounds and how well they executed their style. Symphonic black metal can sound campy and overdone, but FOVITRON did it well. For a debut, the album sounds mature and thought out.

Songwriting: 6
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 6
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. The Grieving King
2. Inner Demons
3. Dreading The Night
4. Wasteland Of My Dreams
5. Endless Whispers
6. Remembrance
7. When Darkness Falls
8. The Deathbringer
9. The Minstrel Of The Icy Keep
Sovereign – Bass
Fovitrus – Guitars
Nuntius Mortis – Vocals
Magni – Keyboards
Damien – Drums
Record Label: Alcyone Records


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