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Fozzy - Do You Wanna Start A War

Do You Wanna Start A War
by YngwieViking at 18 August 2014, 10:40 AM

The first couple of albums released in early 2000’s, were mainly a fun tongue-in-cheek project with the iconic WCW gimmick and a focus on great & classic cover songs (JUDAS PRIEST / DIO / OZZY / ACCEPT / W.A.S.P. / SABBATH and MAIDEN)  , since then FOZZY takes an unexpected path, indeed they released some cool albums and they also toured to the max, now the project turned into a real live act with its assumed weakness and its obvious assets, “Do You Wanna Start A War” is the title of the new album for Chris Jericho and former STUCK MOJO guitarist Mr. Rich "The Duke" Ward's brainchild, and clearly a turning point in their career.

Ok, for once I suppose that we can agree on the fact that FOZZY is precisely the sum of its different elements, its members and its 80's influences… The sound of the band is also adulterated by the American Radiophonic calibrated / Stadium Rock archetype of the present time (“Unstoppable” and its insipid guest female vocals) updated (or weakened) under a vast amount of contemporary tricks… Finally, I believe that the balance between the old school method and the alternative overtones is their most efficient strength, a strong point in their way to next step of success and maybe their conscious (or not) attempt to find an accessibility to a mainstream audience…

This hybrid Hard Rock had its roots coming from old and new OZZY, KISS (“Tonite” featuring Michael Starr aka Ralph Saenz from STEEL PANTHER) and Co, modernized or enhanced with this bittersweet commercial color and also for the first time a new found heaviness with tracks like “Bad Tattoo” or “Brides of Fire” and the darkest “Scarecrow” and even a few industrial flavor (mostly in “One Crazed Anarchist”) this fresh musical mix leads to a distinct and more personal style… I know that it look like to a contradiction or a paradox, but it’s my inner sensation.

The vocal performances by the superstar wrestler Chris Jericho are quite good even if the auto tune abuse mania in track like “Witchery” makes him sound like modern Ozzy Osbourne with some Rob Zombie reminiscence, but in the softest song like “Died With You” he shows once again a finely mastered method in singing with emotion this lightened melody.

The sonic reproduction is first class and the technical side is flawless, the reputation and the credibility of Rich Ward (WALKING WITH KINGS  /ex-ADRENALINE MOB) as a great player is still intact but in reality , I’m a little perplexed by the result , even if some titles are instant hit or bloody addictive (like the anthemic, groovy, electronic powered single “Lights Go Out”) but there is also some average fillers (“Unstoppable” / “Tonite” / ”No Good Way”) and the ABBA's cover is unnecessary, mostly since guys like AT VANCE had already published the best Metallic rendition of “SOS” a few years ago, their new arrangement is not really inspired neither really smart: in my humble opinion it’s kind of useless.

A good album far from perfect but very entertaining and finally recommended to the fans and to the curious minds attracted by Modern Metal Cross-over in its most proudly Americanized form.

3 Star Rating

1. Do You Wanna Start a War
2. Bad Tattoo
3. Lights Go Out
4. Died With You
5. Tonite
6. Brides of Fire Frank Fontsere
7. One Crazed Anarchist
8. Unstoppable
9. Scarecrow
10. No Good Way
11. SOS
12. Witchery
Rich Ward - Lead Guitars
Chris Jericho - Lead Vocals
Billy Grey - Guitars
Paul Di Leo – Bass
Frank Fontsere - Drums
Record Label: Century Media


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