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Fozzy – Judas

by Harry Green at 16 October 2017, 10:17 AM

Formed in 1999 in Atlanta, USA, FOZZY debuted with a self-titled in 2000 before following up with Happenstance (2002), “All That Remains” (2005), “Chasing the Grail” (2010), “Sin and Bones” (2012), “Do You Wanna Start A War” (2014) and lastly “Judas”, released October 13. The immediate impression I got from this album is of FALL OUT BOY filtered through DISTURBED with some additional rock elements thrown in. The vocal style used by Jericho has a semi-nasal, sludgy, very strongly nu-metal quality to it. Unlike nu-metal, however, there are actually guitar solos in this.  As is generally the case with nu-metal, the production here capitalizes on the album’s strength as a thumping, catchy outing. The bass perfectly compliments the guitar to give every strum a sense of weight. The composition is similarly helpful, a lot of very predictable breakdowns – but then for this style predictable is good, even great, if the band delivers. FOZZY generally do here. My favorite track, “Weight of My World”, may be the best example of this.

The title track opens the album – “Judas” gets a mite repetitive in the guitar department but it’s hardly a deal-breaker or indeed something you’d be likely to notice. The opening riff of “Painless” is interesting; it’s not exactly novel, but it’s just different enough to let me really get into it. From there we take a short foray into the stylistic variations of nu-metal. “Wordsworth Way” constitutes the ‘dark’ song, “Burn Me Out” being the semi-industrial track. “Three Days in Jail” checks the final nu-metal box with a couple rap verses delivered in the traditional cringey caucasiod LINKIN PARK style. Oddly, it also contains a verse of surprisingly competent harsh vocals.  As is the case on any given album, the weakest songs lurk around the last quarter of the runtime. The last three songs before the closer are the weakest and least engaging on the album, although it should be said that “Elevator” definitely takes the cake for silliest chorus. Closer “Wolves At Bay” is perhaps the most metal song on here in terms of verse riff.

This album was enjoyable. From a technical standpoint it’s lacking, but that’s almost a given in nu-metal. I will say it’s a bit more repetitive than it could have been, and the choruses were consistently a little limp-wristed, except in “Weight of My World”. Aside from that, the album’s a solid piece of uncomplicated fun.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 5
Production: 8
Memorability: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Judas
2. Drinkin’ With Jesus
3. Painless
4. Weight of My World
5. Wordsworth Way
6. Burn Me Out
7. Three Days In Jail
8. Elevator
9. Running With The Bulls
10. Capsized
11. Wolves At Bay
Chris Jericho – lead vocals, piano
Rich Ward – lead guitar, backing vocals
Billy Grey – rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Paul Di Leo – bass, backing vocals
Frank Fontsere – drums
Record Label: Century Media


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