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Fozzy - All That Remains (CD)

All That Remains
by Grigoris Chronis at 24 February 2005, 7:11 PM

Welcome to the official website of Fozzy, America's most entertaining band!, reads the intro message on the band's website. Of course, it's not that easy to understand that when you hail from China or cry out from Brazil, I can still see why the above statement has a fair amount of genuineness… To proceed:
Fozzy's deeds are a special story. The band, fronted by World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) superstar - and obviously a close Helloween devotee - Chris 'Jericho' Irvine and ex-Stuck Mojo axeman Rich Ward, had so far released two full-length albums (both never heard of) that mostly - if not 100% - feature cover versions of legendary cuts such as The Prisoner, Freewheel Burning or L.O.V.E. Machine (any by whom? in the air??… Good…). Both MTVs offered an extensive airplay plus sell-out tours where next to happen plus blah blah blah. The band's latest effort, entitled All That Remains is trying to keep the band away from its America's most entertaining band origin, going to the real Metal fields. So this is heard, so it must be done? Metal, maybe in the (new) American way…
To clear things out: I consider this album to be good, but I would never judge it as a Heavy Metal album (the term referring to the basic principles formed over 25 years ago and still carrying on from Talisman to Deicide). You want an idea? Zakk Wylde contributes labor here, an Alice In Chains aura can be read between the li(n)es, some of Ozzy's up-to-date vocal lines are being followed by Jericho (overall, a beautiful voice) and the general style of Fozzy's compositions is only thaaaat little away from the critical Nu-Grunge-Alternative-Shit point, where the CD must be smiling its ass off if it does make it away from the trash can. Note: I'd bet half of my vital organs (I mean, my drum kit…) that Roy Z was around there in the recording studio. Just to put you in the sound pic…
Are you that modern in your choices? Try this one, Fozzy seem to have a strong will (let's start from the singer). Yet, if you have already put money aside for the new Grave Digger CD, don't you EVER consider following this path!
I don't know which path Fozzy will choose in the future, by the way… I guess someone will keep us posted.

3 Star Rating

Nameless Faceless
All That Remains
The Test
It's A Lie
Daze Of The Weak
The Way I Am
Born Of Anger
Chris Jericho - Vocals
Rich Ward - Guitar
Ryan Mallum - Guitar
Sean Delson - Bass
Frank Fontsere - Drums
Record Label: SPV


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