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Fozzy Chasing the Grail

Chasing the Grail
by Dimitris Kontogeorgakos at 10 March 2010, 10:03 AM

You cannot blame anyone who faces this band with skepticism; I mean a WWE wrestler in the position of a singer in a Heavy Metal band? Are we serious? Sometimes judging a book by its cover can take you so far away from the truth that is almost painful. Indeed, FOZZY is a band that started doing covers as a part-time project between Chris and Rich who were sharing the same taste in music. Things did not evolve fast but eventually these guys decided to team up a band under the name of FOZZY OSBOURNE. Time was passing by and the chemistry in the freshly formed band sent signs to move on and create original music.

One thing lead to another and FOZZY (yep they dropped the rest of the name) started releasing albums claiming high positions in the US charts. So, almost ten years after the birth of the idea of forming a band Chris and Rich return with a new album dedicated to the Holy Grail we all are searching during the short time period we walk upon earth.

Without being a devoted follower of FOZZY I can tell that they have moved towards a heavier sound. Their music character remains groovy and melodic -in times- but the guitars spice things up with a glorious Zakk Wylde atmosphere found everywhere. Just pay attention to the hearty vibrato and you will get my point. Chris is the perfect ally to the Wylde-esque guitars singing with an Ozzy style especially in the high pitches. His octave range is as flat and limited as Ozzy's and this makes his style very noticeable. Just like in the US Rock oriented almost-ballad "Broken Soul" that breathes with the Ozzy style while hitting hard the melodic lines. Or during “Martyr No More” where one waits for the chorus lines of “Perry Mason” to pop up after the bridge.

The rhythm guitars share the same groove and in-your-face attitude with STUCK MOJO but this was well expected due to the presence of the MOJO members Rich and Fontsere. Fortunately, the STUCK MOJO references are limited to the rhythm section and leave the vocals and song structure untouched by the rap attitude that I really don't like having in my Metal (expect from the obvious exceptions by ANTHRAX). In “Pray For Blood” and “Paraskavedekatriaphobia (Friday The 13th)” (the bizarre long word is the Greek rough translation to “Friday the 13th”)the band reveals an even more heavy sound that I find more fitting for FOZZY.

So, this is a good album from a surprise band like FOZZY. If you don't mind the US mainstream layers (the ones that get in the charts) then you can really enjoy this album. And one more thing; you can have a Metal band fronted by a wrestler.

3 Star Rating

  1. Under Blackened Skies
  2. Martyr No More
  3. Watch Me Shine
  4. Broken Soul
  5. Let The Madness Begin
  6. Paraskavedekatriaphobia (Friday The 13th)
  7. God Pounds His Nails
  8. Pray For Blood
  9. Grail
  10. Revival
  11. New Day's Dawn
  12. Wormwood
Chris Jericho - Vocals
Rich Ward - Guitar, Vocals
Sean Delson - Bass
Frank Fontsere - Drums
Record Label: Riot! Entertainement


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