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Fractured Insanity - Massive Human Failure

Fractured Insanity
Massive Human Failure
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 11 March 2020, 5:52 AM

The year of 1993 saw the rise of a new way of playing traditional Death Metal. Some bands were playing in a brutal way since the beginning of the 90’s, and the earlier works of KRISIUN and SUFFOCATION could be said as the basis for it, but MORBID ANGEL condensed and canonized the extreme brutality on “Covenant”, an album that is a compendium for those who want to play brutal, aggressive and fast the most traditional Death Metal trench. And the Belgian quartet FRACTURED INSANITY is another follower of such School, as “Massive Human Failure” is here to state.

Their musical is brutal and technical, in a way similar to SUFFOCATION, but without the Jazz music touches. It’s brutal and aggressive to the bones, but with some clean introspective parts (as can be heard on “Baphomet Bringer of a Free Mind”) that makes things even more interesting. Obviously such Death Metal way is already known and was done countless time before by other bands, but the quartet has a strong musical personality that makes sound different. And it’s good, indeed. The work of Sławek Wiesławski and Wojtek Wiesławski on the mixing and mastering on Hertz Studios make things even more brutal and aggressive, but in a defined way that allows the listeners to understand what the band wants to express in form of music. Even the instrumental tunes are sounding really great.

As the album plays, the listener can hear that many subjective and punctual influences rises on the songs. And the fast and brutal “Crusade of the Offended” (very good work on bass guitar and drums, keeping a worked and heavy set of tempos during all the song), the contrasts of slow moments and fast parts shown on “M.A.D.” (excellent guitars’ slashing riffs), the bombing of bitter catchy riffs that appears on “Baphomet Bringer of a Free Mind”, the bitter slow approach of the traditional Death Metal song used on “Hell of No Man’s Land” (the presents MEMORIAN’s Karl Willets vocals in some parts), and the oppressive weight (and good grunts) of “Rothschild’s Disease” can be said as the best songs, although every Death Metal would love the entire album.

Of course, FRACTURED INSANITY can offer more than is presented on “Massive Human Failure”, it’s clear that their potential is even greater than is shown, but they’re on the right path. And the album clearly is a very good release.

Musicianship: 9
Songwriting: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Crusade of the Offended
2. M.A.D.
3. Baphomet Bringer of a Free Mind
4. Hell of No Man’s Land
5. Massive Human Failure
6. Reflecting of the Soul
7. Rothschild’s Disease
8. Panic Abuser
9. Rise All Above
Stefan Van Bael - Bass, Vocals
Kenny Vandenheede - Guitars
Dieter Daems - Guitars
Ignace Verstraete - Drums
Record Label: Massacre Records


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