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Fragments Of Unbecoming - The Everhaunting Past (CD)

Fragments Of Unbecoming
The Everhaunting Past
by Dimitris Karametros at 26 November 2009, 6:23 PM

I love bands that take their time to look around and see what the fuck is going on in the general Metal scene and even take the time to listen to their crowd. I love it makes me feel that we are progressing together. What the fuck am I talking about is that FRAGMENTS OF UNBECOMING are a GERMAN Death Metal band of course care about their music and their fans (yes this nail goes to all these bands especially across the Atlantic that wake with a Messiah complex and think they should be worshiped, with no fucking reason) and I say all this because FRAGMENTS OF UNBECOMING evolve to the better, slowly but at least they do.
Formed in 2000 in Laudenbach, Germany The Everhaunting Past: Chapter IV - A Splendid Retrospection is their fourth full length album, as also the title suggests. Germans have the tendency to reach perfection slowly, but they do have this ant like dedication to become the best and to work hard to achieve it. In their new album FRAGMENTS OF UNBECOMING lose their boring melodic parts , focus in the diversity of their tracks and add an instrumental part that is perfect. Are they perfect? No, there are still things to fix, rough edges to smoothen but their constant evolution proves that they take good steps to achieve that. I know what you will say…it's their 4th album and they still try to find their stepping? Yes that's how Germans do it, slowly and correctly, where they had lost bearing in their early albums now they found their playing style, and I repeat they killed the melodic part which is an improvement.

Mid tempo songs, deep growls with tiny out brakes so that they will not stray away, the whole vocal part is deep and heavy, it creates a dark atmosphere that weighs heavy on the listener, a well crafted pessimism with aggressive bursts. Sam proves that he was ideal as a singer for the band and that can be seen to all the songs. He is a very good singer that has a lot ahead of him, a good vocal foundation that can be trained to become great. Guitars are Thrash-ier, faster with more technical riffs that change with machine gun speed from mid to fast pace. Both guitars fight constantly for the first place which is a good musical game. The drums are powerful, ever present with blast beats that can destroy a wall.
FRAGMENTS OF UNBECOMING is a band for the older fans that miss sounds such as early DARK TRANQUILLITY, AT THE GATES and IN FLAMES. They progressed a lot from their slow beginnings, check them out and you will not be disappointed.

3 Star Rating

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Sam Anetzberger - Vocals
Stefan Weimer - Vocals, Guitars, Bass
Sascha Enrich - Guitars
Wolfram Schellenberg - Bass
Ingo Maier - Drums
Record Label: Cyclone Empire


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