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Fraktions - Anguish

by VR at 11 January 2017, 9:59 PM

FRAKTIONS is a Technical/Progressive Metal band born in Southampton, U.K, in the year 2011. The band began its journey as TAIIION but had to change their moniker due to difficulty in pronunciation of the name. They soon named themselves FRAKTIONS after careful brainstorming and they stuck to the name due to the technical nature of their music. The band credits outfits like PERIPHERY, MONUMENTS, and TESSERACT, as well as the Alternative nature of DEFTONES as their primary influences. The idea for the band came from the aim to combine Technical Metal riffs with elements of Progressive Metal and Djent riffing style. The band also attempts to combine Groove Metal themes with advanced harmony to create a modern Metal sound. The album, "Anguish", is an attempt at a concept album that explores the final moments of a schizophrenic woman's life and how she suffers from hallucinations for hours at length when she skips her medicine. The conceptual aim of the album is to take the listener through the fickle and frenzied mind of the protagonist. The melodies and the lyrical content of the tacks are largely written from the perspective of the person suffering from paranoid schizophrenia.

"Illusions of Control" begins eerily with soft piano music for company, and it is an instrumental number lasting for less than a minute. The track is an introduction into the mind of the protagonist and the facade that she puts on. "Altercation" has a progressive feel at the start of the song before heavier power chords are introduced. The song almost has a RUSH feel to it. The song is about the woman in question telling her sister about how she is a burden to her, as she is the only person the cares for the woman. Towards the end of the song, the melody gets a heavier melody before it ends abruptly. "Freedom Of The Conscious Mind" starts with a progressive melody and clean singing. The vocals are ethereal and the song seems almost psychedelic with a piano part in the middle. This is a great example of a modern Prog Rock song. The song represents the feeling the woman gets when she stops taking her medication, which explains the melody-changing tempo abruptly and often. "The Event" is a short one-minute track that originates with light piano music and the revving of car engines and other urban sounds. The track reproduces the event of the woman driving her car and having an accident. After she awakens from the crash, she flees to the woods to avoid the consequences. "Panic" has Kaan Tasan of the band, NO CONSEQUENCE, as the guest vocalist on the track. It is a heavier track with a Groove Metal vibe to it. It is another short tight song that has the woman in the forest losing her mind and hallucinating. She is being told by dark figures in the forest to bury her son and in her confused state she begins to dig a grave with her bare hands." The Difference Between Drowning And Sinking" is a 5-minute long song and it is on the heavier side with chugging power chords and snarling vocals. The woman steps into a lake and tries to save herself but it’s too late and she sinks away in the calm waters. Guttural vocals play off with clean vocals to give an atmosphere of struggle and the inevitable surrender to fate.

As far as concept albums go, this album has all the makings of a great concept album. The songs are linear in nature and tell the story of the woman with mental problems as she slowly descends into paranoia. The fictional series of events that lead the protagonist down the path is well represented by the melodies and unconventional tracks the band composes. The album is a short one, in comparison to most Progressive Metal/Rock bands that sometime employ long and complicated melodies, and it clocks in at just over 20 minutes in length. This is the effort of a young, up and coming band, but they show maturity far beyond their years, and this is definitely a band to keep an eye on.

Songwriting: 6
Originality: 7
Memorability: 6
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Illusions of Control
2. Altercation
3. Freedom Of The Conscious Mind
4. The Event
5. Panic (Feat. Kaan Tasan)
6. Sanctuary
7. The Difference Between Drowning And Sinking
Joel Pinder - Vocals, Keyboards
Elliot Robinson - Guitars
Sebastian Dymiter - Guitar
Will Kitchner - Bass
Ross Gordon - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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