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Frank Sabbath - Compendium Award winner

Frank Sabbath
by Dani Bandolier at 12 June 2020, 4:02 AM

“Compendium” is the new release by FRANK SABBATH (2013) a super psychedelic band formed in Paris, France in 2013 by Jude Mas (guitar, vocals), Guillaume Jankowski (bass) and Baptiste Reig (drums, vocals). The Free Rock-Kraut Rock improvisations of “Compendium” were recorded in Loulayrou, Viala-du-Tarn in Aveyron, in July 2016, with chemical improvement. Hmmm…. The overdubs, mix, master and cover art evolved 2016-2019. The lads create psychedelia songs blending elements from their musical background of doom metal, stoner/desert rock, jazz rock and progressive rock. From the beginning, the compositions were birthed as lengthy sets of 20+ minutes with various parts reflecting the band members’ diverse influences. After recording a first album and struggling for a year with bad luck and lack of money, FRANK SABBATH isolated themselves in a small village in Aveyron, southern France to record their second album, “Telluric Wanderer” along with 4th band member and engineer Léo Minart. This effort was then released in 2016 by Argonauta Records. FRANK SABBATH now divides time between Paris and Montpellier, no longer rehearsing and concentrating only on free improvisation during their gigs. Super Bacano ¡!

‘Décantatoire’ opens with what could be a movie soundtrack from a vintage Russian Sci-Fi movie, all synth bleeps and blorps layered with an anxious aura of danger, an excellent lead in for the following track ‘La Petite Course à Vélo’. At over 11 minutes ‘La Petite Course à Vélo’ transports me to a warm psilocybin roundtrip flashback of ACETONE, a name many won’t recognize and that many including myself will never forget - the band of the less is more wall of sound.

‘L'Oeufou’ is quick and bumping at 59 seconds then makes a carom into the chicken picking guitar and the merry-go-round le manège delay of ‘Le Poulet’. Guillaume Jankowski sends the down-low love with a classical gas bass lick to start ‘Get A Free Neurological Surgery’ and you will love our fish and chipshare krishna… man, this is one free-range freakout of a song ¡! The ending is confused and disorienting …Très Magnifique ¡! ‘Loulayrou’ follows and expands with a synthesizer sound that could be lifted straight from the River Scene of ‘Apocalypse Now’ where a tourbillion delayed guitar riff calls me up river … to the plantation … ‘Les Trois Petits Pochons’ builds to a mid-song vocal harmony and music climax then lets me down slow with the alternate tuning drone of Jude Mas’s guitar. ‘Bermuda Cruise’ is a meandering 17:21 jaunt that blends and bleeds into improv kin ‘Gallus Crackus’ and ‘Guilleret et Grillon’, an odyssey with omega on the shores of I don’t know where the hell I am, before getting into the soup Provençal of ‘Lord Bouillabaisse’ and finishing this musical mind-blowing Tour de France with ‘Cyclism Manager 2016’.

Guillaume Jankowski is the not-so-secret sauce in FRANK SABBATH material that elevates the music above effected loops and delays. He shows boundless groove in the lick and riff department and plays his fuzzed-out bass and vintage synthesizer sounds as a time tripping trumpeter, punctuating and pealing the songs while Jude Mas slices and dices them with his own delay-dream animated guitar runs. Jude reminds me of legendary guitar sidemen Joe Gore and David Torn, guys that can build more than an aural landscape … they can build you a New World Sonic Order. I suggest you put this release on and listen to it for hours on end while you go about a relaxing day at home, letting little passages and some of the outright “songs” suck you in and then blow you away … and if this type of music gets you hot and heady like it does me, be prepared to walk around the rest of your day with a cracking happy hard-on. If your idea of a good time is FRANK ZAPPA, FANTOMAS, CAUSA SUI, URSO BARDO and COLOUR HAZE, then take note. Nobody does it like the French … these dudes are Far Out, Homme¡!

the dani bandolier Spotify playlist of reviewed bands … Comrades, you have only your chains to lose…

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1.  Décantatoire
2.  La Petite Course à Vélo
3.  L'Oeufou
4.  Le Poulet
5.  Get A Free Neurological Surgery
6.  Loulayrou
7.  Le Coucous
8.  Les Trois Petits Pochons
9.  Bermuda Cruise
10.  Gallus Crackus
11.  Guilleret et Grillon
12.  La Meilleure Chanson de l'Album
13.  Lord Bouillabaisse
14.  Cyclism Manager 2016
Jude Mas  Guitar, Bass, Voice, Percussions, Synth
Baptiste Reig  Drums, Voice, Percussions, Guitar
Guillaume Jankowski  Bass, Synth, Guitar, Percussions, Voice
Léo Minart  Recording Engineer & Sound Master, Live Tape Manipulation
Record Label: Bermuda Cruise


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