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Frantic Vibe - Frantic Vibe

Frantic Vibe
Frantic Vibe
by Chloe O'Brien at 15 April 2021, 10:40 AM

FRANTIC VIBE was created by IAOTP Award winning songwriter and producer of the year 2019, HOWARD HERRICK. HOWARD HERRICK has always been a lover of music with love of many genres. He has recorded with several major and independent artists and produced music for several major motion pictures. He has an influence from bands such as IRON MAIDEN. “Electric Flowers” opens the album with a mixture of synths and dubstep along with the beating of a drum and distorted metal guitar. The melody is upbeat, and it has a lot off different elements in it from the drops and the electronic instruments.

Taming the Thought” is a melancholic melody played on the piano and sang the heavy drums and has again a dubstep element. There is an electric guitar added in the chorus and it gives a dramatic effect alongside the crashing drums and bass line. The lyrics are emotional. The piano in this song sounds sad which makes the lyrics sound more emotional. The use of layering of the vocals is a nice touch to this track. “Mutant Groove” has gritty distorted guitar and bass in the intro then there are vocals with synth sounds behind it. The beat rises creating a dubstep drop affect that transitions to the chorus.

Windfall” starts off with a roll on the drums and heads into a heavy guitar and vocals. The the harmonies in the vocals are layered nice. Vocals are powerful on this track. “Automatic Vigilante” opens with a march snare, violin and a trumpet. The vocals on this track are a mixture of powerful and distorted. The dubstep beat in the background is pumping throughout. The chorus is very catchy and the use of lower vocals behind the main vocals is a nice addition. “Cripple Wild” opens with a slapping bass. It has crashing drums and the vocals are aggressive. It has a bluesy element to the guitar.  “Spastic Glitter” guitar riffs and bass that reminds me of MUSE. This song is like an anti-love song. The song is about an individual wanting to be rid of someone who keeps calling them.

Persuade your Reflection” has a sitar sounding instrument in the beginning. There are psytrance elements and metal elements from the distorted guitar. There is a heavy dubstep beat in the background and the vocals are heavily distorted. “Lost Glimpse” starts with a heavy riff played on the guitar and a slow tap on the cymbals. It is full of emotion from the vocals. I could feel the bass from this song its funky and heavy.

Crimson Sphere” the bass on this track is so funky and dirty. The bass mixed with the electronic elements is fun to listen to. The synth sounds as if it is rising with the guitar and bass which gives this song a bubbly sound. There’s heavy guitar and heavy drums but they are not as heavy as on other tracks. FRANTIC VIBE does a good job of putting elements from metal, dubstep and adding synths. It is unique to hear these elements with distorted heavy riffs beside them. The vocals are good, some tracks the vocals have more power than others, but they are still good.

Song writing: 7
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 9

3 Star Rating

1.Electric Flowers
2.Taming the Thought
3. Mutant Groove
5. Automatic Vigilante
6. Cripple Wild
7. Spastic Glitter
8. Persuade your Reflection”
9. Lost Glimpse
10. Crimson Square
Howard Herrick - Everything
Record Label: Independent


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