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Frayle – Skin & Sorrow

Skin & Sorrow
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 19 September 2022, 3:42 AM

Formed in Ohio in 2017, Atmospheric Doom/Post-Metal band FRAYLE present their second full-length album here titled “Skin & Sorrow.” Described as “heavy, low, and witchy, they make music for the night sky.” The album contains ten songs, with “Treacle & Revenge” being the first. It’s an interesting sound. The instruments present a heavy and almost Industrial droning presence, while the vocals are ethereal and dreamy. The music slowly grows heavier, but the vocals remain frail. “Bright Eyes” has a similar sound. It’s a slow, grinding song with weighted elements and even-keeled vocals, but it does sound like the previous track.

“Skin & Sorrow” is another song heavy with Doom elements, and airy vocals. This makes three in a row now. I do hope the band plans to diversify the songs a little, because the sound, while initially interesting, is exactly the same. “Ipecac” is the syrup you drink to induce vomiting. It’s a little faster than the other songs, but still features the same style. “Roses” begins with some depressing lead guitar notes in a mesmerizing pattern that opens up to nearly the exact same sound as the previous tracks. It’s hard to get excited about an album that presents so many songs that sound alike. “Sacrifant” has another stomping beat amidst dreamy female vocals. The music is pretty one-dimensional in this regard, and through seven songs, the band has got to diversify the three closing songs.

“All the Things I was” begins with vocals are whispered at first, with tense background elements. The background music picks up with heavy accents, while the vocals remain airy and light. “Perfect Wound’ closes the album, with much the same style. I realize this is mostly Doom Metal, but I don’t need 10 songs that sound nearly exactly alike. What started off as an interesting and original sound, pretty quickly digressed into mediocrity. As I mentioned above, it is hard to get excited about an album that presents the same song over and over again. I like the singer, and I like the music, but the band will need to diversify if they are in it for the long haul.

Songwriting: 5
Musicianship: 5
Memorability: 3
Production: 7

2 Star Rating

1. Treacle & Revenge
2. Bright Eyes
3. Skin & Sorrow
4. Ipecac
5. Stars
6. Roses
7. Sacrifant
8. All the Things I was
9. Song for the Dead
10. Perfect Wound
Sean Bilovecky – Guitars
Gwyn Strang – Vocals
Eric Mzik – Bass
Pat Ginley – Drums
Elliot Rosen – Guitars
Record Label: Apollon Records


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Edited 06 June 2023

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