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Freak Kitchen – Cooking With Pagans

Freak Kitchen
Cooking With Pagans
by V.Srikar at 30 October 2014, 7:53 PM

With eerie looking cover art and a weird name, FREAK KITCHEN brings out their new album and bingo, it's madness in the metal world again. Just like their other albums ‘Cooking With Pagans’ is another very Progressive album with elements of Hard Rock, Experimental Rock, Comedy Rock, and Heavy Metal.

With song names like “Freak of the Week”, “I Don’t Want to Golf”, and “(Saving up for an) Anal Bleach”, it’s hard not to see the funnier side of the band even though the sound is mostly Heavy Metal. The album starts off with “Professional Help”, full of progressive riffs and clean screaming vocals adding to an interesting listen. But it’s the dark humorous and silly lyrics which really catch your attention and I find on listening to it multiple times, this and other songs here are very catchy even though I am not really a fan of Progressive Metal by any means. The next few songs go along the same lines, but there are a few low tempo moments created in order to build the tempo like in “Freak of the Week”. “Sloppy” brings in a few happy feeling riffs, sometimes almost turning the sound into a Heavy Metal dance track, especially in the latter half, but it all works fine for FREAK KITCHEN. The party reaches its pinnacle with the dust up version of the Benny Goodman’s 1936 hit song “Goody Goody”, almost a Metal parody. Even with all the party riffs and funny lyrics, the musicianship is still maintained and can be clearly heard in every song. But the lyrics go crazier with words like ‘iPad, Tweet, Instagram, friend request’ flooding in the song “(Saving up for an) Anal Bleach”. Even ‘Twinkle twinkle little star’ gets mentioned! Fuck yeah, hahaha! While “Private Property” fails to bring anything new to the table, “Mathematics of Defeat” elevates the progressive sound of the album with new weird innovative riffs. Songs like “I Don’t Want to Golf” remind me of the parody song “Black Metal Sucks” by LICH KING, though musically this song is much different as it packs lots of grooves in it. “Hide” has lyrics bitching about Wi-Fi, with slow low tempo jazz playing in the background! “Come Back to Comeback” contains lyrics about commercialisation of modern music industry and ……….… I can bluntly tell you that no other Metal band has ever written as bold politically incorrect lyrics as these guys, even criticizing DIRE STRAITS of not coming back to playing live for their fans and taunting them with lyrics like “we need another farewell tour”! I am surprised none of the lyrics here on this album has made a Blabbermouth headlines! “Ranks of the terrified” is a much faster song moving on a more traditional Heavy Metal musical style. The album finishes of with a sex lyrics driven parody song “Once Upon a Time in Scandinavistan”, and is another interesting song, more lyrically than musically.

With the help of a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign, bringing in almost $150,000, the band has done justice to the faith and love imposed by their fans. With this being the Swedes’ 8th full length album, the band has surely shown lots of maturity in what they bring to the table and this album should go a long way in putting the comedy rock genre at a much bigger global level.

4 Star Rating

1. Professional Help
2. Freak of the Week
3. Sloppy
4. Goody Goody (Benny Goodman cover)
5. (Saving Up for an) Anal Bleach
6. Private Property
7. Mathematics of Defeat
8. I Don't Want to Golf
9. Hide
10. Come Back to Comeback
11. Ranks of the Terrified
12. Once Upon a Time in Scandinavistan
Mattias "IA' Eklundh - Guitar & Vocals
Björn Fryklund - Drums & Vocals
Christer Örtefors - Bass & Vocals
Record Label: The Laser's Edge


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