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Freaky Jelly - Reverse Award winner

Freaky Kelly
by Miranda Nessen at 17 January 2018, 6:09 AM

Do you need a band that will be there for you on long drives? FREAKY JELLY’s “Reverse” is there for you! Long intros leading into the songs are able to hype up the listener for what is to come. To start off, you're introduced to this nice, slow tempo easy going calming grove. Boom, 1:05 hits! Heavy strumming on the guitar hits, kicking the tempo and the beat right off. “Reflections” itself has such a wide range of variety that it covers what seems to be every variation you can get into one song. It's what every guitar solo needs.

“Saints and Sinners” covers some of the heavier riffs and solos of the album. It ranges from soft and slow, something to grab someone close to slow dance with. Quickly switching into heavy guitar moments that you just want to move too. Destefano's voice gets to shift through many ranges as well. It shows the true range of his singing abilities. “Hardest Part of Goodbye,” you can hear the picking of an acoustic guitars as this slow song kicks off. Destefano's voice falling into a soothing melody quickly. The complement of the drums and keyboard in this song are wonderful. Each instrument has its place and nothing over powers something else.

The talent of Destefano, Faustino, Grosso, Paula, and Vince is very clear in each song. Every instrument complements each other nicely, showing how well the band works together as a whole. The song writing for the lyrics and composing are all proof of this. Overall, with the intense shifting from heavy to soft, FREAKY JELLY seem to have no in between. It's either all or nothing with this band. Which does seem to work for them. The long intros to some of the songs really helps to build up more suspense to when Destefano starts to sing.

With having the longer introduction, it clearly means each song is longer. Which when you have a favorite song, don't you want it to play on longer that what it usually does? FREAKY JELLY has done to where most of their songs on “Reverse” are close to ten minutes long each. Switching between having large amounts of singing and long guitar solos. I feel with the release of this album and the range it covers with so many different tempos, it will have many people drawn in to listen to them and keep coming back when they release more. The variations of each style they put into each sound, with singing, guitars, and the keyboard added in.

Song Writing: 10
Originality: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 10

4 Star Rating

1. Highest Ground
2. Alicia’s Garden
3. Nothing to Feel
4. Saints and Sinners
5. Hardest Part of Goodbye
6. Behind the Memories – Part. I – Illusions
7. Behind the Memories – Part II – Reflections
8. Behind the Memories – Part III – Wake Up
9. Behind the Memories – Part IV – Morning Glory
Ricardo DeStefano - Vocals
Andre Faustino - Guitars
Mauricio Grosso - Drums
Rafel de Paula - Bass
Julio Vince - Keyboards
Record Label: Rockshots Records


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