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FreddeGredde - Brighter Skies

Brighter Skies
by Jeff Legg at 15 October 2014, 10:02 PM

Anytime an artist is labeled a “singer-songwriter”, that usually means that this person is a very talented musician, who’s ideals and musical interpretations are on a different level than most of his/her peers, often resulting in the rejection of input from any outside hired help, also known as a fulltime band. So they end up going the “one-man band” direction, using only studio musicians to record the instruments that they haven’t quite mastered yet, ultimately controlling all aspects of their musical career. Such is the case for FREDDEGREDDE, a Swedish “singer-songwriter”, who has risen to a descent amount of fame over the last few years, via his widely successful videos on his YouTube channel.

After releasing his debut album, “Thirteen Eight” in 2011 to critical acclaim, FREDDEGREDDE (aka Fredrik Larsson), returns in 2014 with his sophomore album, “Bright Skies”. This offering is more of the same substance and creativity that came with the debut album, offering atmospheric progressive rock, mixing in flutes, synthesizers, and a big dose of folk styling that really soothes the soul. Although this is not my “cup of tea”, I’ve got to admit; I found a great deal of solace in the ebb and flow of the masterful mixture of sounds and found myself lost in this album at times.

Ok, ok, I know this is Metal Temple, with the Metal meaning Heavy Metal music, and we’re only supposed to listen to headbanging releases, right? Wrong! I open-minded and listen to everything rock and roll, and “Bright Skies” has some real rock n’ roll moments that might have you confusing this with something off of one of RUSH’s last few records and/or something off of an old school JETHRO TULL album. I’ll admit it; I don’t plan on listening to this genre of music everyday, but there are days that FREDDEGREDDE will do me just right. And, I’m 100% metal. Keep on doing what you do, Mr. Larsson.

3 Star Rating

1. Welcome to the Bright Skies
2. The Autotelic Self
3. Your Life
4. This Fragile Existence
5. The Tower
6. Shining
7. Ocean Mind
Fredrik Larsson
Record Label: Independent


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