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Free Fall - Power & Volume Award winner

Free Fall
Power & Volume
by Eldad "Blacknasa" Stainbook at 14 January 2013, 2:20 PM

Hailing from Sweden, another Hard Rock extraordinary band, the band consists of some Rock and Metal veterans, referring to their music as Freedom Rock, influenced by bands like Rock classics such as LED ZEPPELIN, UFO, AC/DC and JUDAS PRIIEST to name a few, however there is a certain fusioninto their music with a few bits of early VAN HALEN, the STOOGES and even THE WHO. This mixture promises to be special yet the question is, how good can they mix it?

First track it’s the album's title “Power & Volume”. The song starts up with all gun blazing with a fast elusive riff, KimFranssonsings with a rigged high pitch vocals sound. For me this song reminded early days AC/DC with the amazing Bon Scott.

“Free Fall”, the second title jolts with classic AC/DC riffing and massiveness, however the vocals are more low pitched and mellow, but wait, the track got a twist going in the chorus. Fransson shows again his fit high pitched vocals, after like 60 percent of the song there goes and become a meteor blast of guitar riffing and shouts, such a great title for a classic Rock fan. No doubt one of the best song on the album is the third title “Midnight Vultures” with vintage riffing (again AC/DC) and catchy chorus that left me walking in the street and singing “I’m a midnight vultures…”, in addition the song has a typical Angus Young solo, again somebody said AC/DC? Classic hit in the making.

A song to remember will be “Attila” with a low tempo bass improvising and muted guitar, show that the band can venture into other realms than AC/DC, more into THE WHO, the song also incorporate ACCEPT Style riffing with “Princess Of TheDawn” vibe guitar in the background.

If I said that "Midnight Vultures" is no doubt one of the best songs in the album so “Love Bombing” is the best song in the album and no doubt will become a classic Hard Rock title. The song starts with a killer riffing full strumming (similar to AC/DC) with archetypal back riffing, I didn’t forgot the signature voice of Fransson that’s add the gunpowder to this 1000 guns firing “Love Bombing just can’t get enough”. Epic song that will become a classic one, no doubt (you can quote me on that). Remember AC/DC's “Rock N' Roll Noise Pollution”, so this is FREE FALL option with the low tempo Hard Rock hit named “Damnation”, simply unforgettable. Honorable mention goes to “Meat” with really stretch the band venturing into other realms, the song will sound a vintage type UFO meets AC/DC. However there is more to that title, you will surly find that out yourself.

Taken me one full listening to the FREE FALL album “Power & Volume” in order to understand what Freedom Rock is. For me is making the music that you want and enjoy it, like drinking a beer on the beach as the Sun stroke you easily, it’s something that you can’t have enough and that’s what FREE FALL's “Power & Volume”, something that you can’t have enough.

5 Star Rating

1. Power & Volumue
2. Free Fall
3. Midnight Vultures
4. Top Of The World
5. Attila
6. World Domination
7. Love Bombing
8. Damnation
9. Meriola Blues
10. Meat
Jan Martens - Bass
Mattias Bärjed- Guitar
Kim Fransson- Lead vocals
Ludwig Dahlberg- Drums
Record Label: Nuclear Blast Records


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