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Freedom Call - The Circle Of Life (CD)

Freedom Call
The Circle Of Life
by Grigoris Chronis at 15 March 2005, 4:20 AM

So, the new album by Freedom Call, entitled The Circle Of Life, is soon to be released and I can't keep away from remembering the impression I obtained while listening to this quartet's (or quintet's) previous release, Eternity (2002). It's not of much importance to transmit those thoughts here, but to try and kinda compare the evolution and development (or not) of both the band's musical identity and ingenuity. After listening to the album for 5 (or more) times - three of them in a row - but before testifying my viewpoint, here's a brief bio of Freedom Call, for those who are not aware (and can easily then decide whether to keep on reading or abandon):
Formed in 1998 by Dan Zimmermann (Gamma Ray, Iron Savior, Lenny Wolf) and Chris Bay (Moon' Doc), the Freedom Call line up was completed by Ilker Ersin on the bass guitar and Sascha Gerstner on Guitar. With the help of Charlie Bauerfeind (if you don't know the name, then you are certainly reading something you're gonna waste your time by), their debut Stairway To Fairyland album (1999) gave the band the chance to open for the Angra - Edguy tour. Since then  - Sascha leaving the band in mid-2001, being replaced by Cede Dupont (Symphorce) - Freedom Call released 2 1/2 more full-length albums, accompanied by the 2004 Live Invasion CD, recorded during their tour with Blind Guardian (Nils Neumann behind the keyboards - 'till now). 10 months later, The Circle Of Life presents the Freedom Call of 2005 and the general idea in my mind is that…
If you know the band or you don't know it but have read the previous paragraph, I have nothing more to say but repeat some key words already mentioned: Gamma Ray, Iron Savior, Symphorce, Edguy, Charlie Bauerfeind, Blind Guardian… You got the idea? Typical Euro Power Metal with all the speed-and-happiness-and-doublebass-and-choir refrain elements these bands feature. Of course, the production is crystal clear, the musicians perform professionally, the artwork is very good but… you've heard all this in almost 3000 other bands the last ten years. This is not bad (then, there should be no reason of existence for the blues) but it circumscribes the breadth of potential extra fans, preserving the same category of I-Listen-To-Teutonic-Power-metal-all-Day-long followers behind them. So what, I wonder?
It's trouble-free: you like the style - you buy the album, you don't - you don't (again). Life is sooo simple sometimes…

3 Star Rating

Mother Earth
Carry On
Rhythm Of Life
Hunting High And Low
The Gathering (Midtro)
Kings & Queens
Hero Nation
High Enough
Eternal Flame
Circle Of Life
Chris Bay - Vocals & Guitar
Dan Zimmerman - Drums
Ilker Ersin - Bass
Cede Dupont - Guitar
Nils Neumann - Keyboards
Record Label: SPV


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