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Freeroad - Do What You Feel!

Do What You Feel!
by Andrew Harvey at 09 March 2023, 7:39 AM

Four piece band known as FREEROAD have merely just come up as a new band forming back in 2018, they came together for the purpose making music for the love of doing so, the band’s choice of name was ‘to symbolise the idea that there is no boundaries; genres don’t really matter, as long as they’re keeping the essence of old-school rock ‘n’ roll’. So if you are a big fan of the 70’s and 80’s with the likes of JEFF BECK, THIN LIZZY, UFO, YES and RUSH then you can be reassured that you will enjoy listening to these guys, they are definitely a good choice of band to keep an eye out for. As they were only new to forming in the first place, they have four members; led by front man, singer ALEJANDRO VELAZCO, following closely is guitarist/vocalist RANZIG MENDOZA, on bass guitar is ELI ARRIETA and finally on the drums is DANNY ‘FISH’ CARRANZA.

They are now making their first debut release, which is a full length album which is titled DO WHAT YOU FEEL!, featuring a total of nine tracks as we head straight into the album with the intro track and title of the album, “Do What You Feel!” as we hear an alternative rock ‘n’ roll guitar swagger as all instruments are included, vocals come in a little later but make their presence known. There is certainly a fabulous vocal line that shines as bright as a shooting star, even the tempo is so uplifting and a pace that is correct for this type of music. A slight pause for cymbal hits to come clap, with simmering guitar riffs and vocals going wild but freely also. “Rock Chaser” has a nice guitar picking of strings to start then crispy cymbal sounds of a nice backbeat as vocals have a somewhat echo effect giving them a stylistic 70’s or 80’s feel.

Electric guitar blends well with the vocals, as does bass guitar which is subtle, drums even throws in some tasty fills and spills to create a nice flow of hard rock running freely but not over the top at all, under good control. The closing notes of guitars and what sounds like a synth maybe is smooth going into the next track which is “Pray For The King” has that guitar sound that is just pure class and full of grit or attitude. Another simple drum backbeat in the supporting sidelines as guitar does take command of the in between sections, as vocals also has a leading narrative part to this track. More cymbal hits adds the high end and even backing vocals does give that garage rock combined with classic rock influences as well. An instrumental section is in there as we head into the next track.

“Movin’ On” has lovely guitar riffs with the usual drumming we have heard before but there also seems to be a different feel to it somewhat unusual, this track a bit faster and has more of a groovy style to it. Lots of rhythmic elements to it as vocals is very much the dominant feature as drums is not aggressive, clear and full of high end richness, then we go into the next track which is “Nature Of Change”. Guitar encourages drums to go head first with vocals leading the way as before, there is more of a smooth flow in this track, some nice accents and ornamentation as well included, a great upbeat old school rock ‘n’ roll track for sure here. There are also stunning psychedelic rock guitar riffs that are wicked and super cool, but now we go into the next track which is “Five Hours To Mexico”.

This sixth track has a great uplifting guitar intro as it sounds a bit more post-punk and the rhythm set by drums at a nice average tempo, vocals have their time to shine but it is a track that is led by electric guitar or drums mostly. We also hear the buzz and extraneous sounds of maybe guitar feedback and echo or delay on the drums to give us the familiar hard rock sound of the band. “Liar” with lots of cymbal hits and drum cycles of fills or spills, when guitar and vocals are heard, there are sound effects in the background. Stamping down with authority as drums are crashing in each phase of play as we hear wicked guitar riffs as the solo section of drums and guitars is wild yet so cool.

The tempo and feel of the track changes then after a short pause, almost more like a psychedelic rock song with that injection of hard rock craziness of sorts. Now into the next track which is “Nobody Listens, The Psychonaut” with a high end guitar riff, then vocals and drums join forces to lead this track as a riveting resolution of continuous rock ‘n’ roll. Drums very much set the bar high with all sorts of rhythms and patterns as guitar does launch as the driving magnet of the track commanding the track. This track is so charismatic, it speaks volumes and is very gaining a personality of its own, with a staggered ending, as we head into the final track which is “Twilight Row”. The final track has an indie rock feel to it, it has a nice melodic guitar with so much brightness and drums are blending in well, not overpowering the track in any way.

Vocals are very much of the same tone and they have that edge of rocking your socks off but the track is not jumping to any great heights, it is settled containing a nice tempo to it. Guitar has its moments as before but there is no time to wonder really, the track presses on, lovely riffs I have to say now and they echo as they have done in previous tracks. So overall this album is a great record, there is so much to listen to, I suppose the feel and narrative doesn’t actually change that much but it genuinely sticks to what the band knows best. You can certainly hear the hints of the bands these guys look up to, so if you’re into the likes of THIN LIZZY, UFO, YES or JEFF BECK, this band should be your cup of tea, you are safe with these guys as they conjure up so much funk and groove.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

3 Star Rating

1. Do What You Feel!
2. Rock Chaser
3. Pray For The King
4. Movin’ On
5. Nature Of Change
6. Five Hours To Mexico
7. Liar
8. Nobody Listens, The Psychonaut
9. Twilight Row
Alejandro Velazco - Vocals
Ranzig Mendoza - Guitars and Vocals
Eli Arrieta - Bass Guitar
Danny ‘Fish’ Carranza - Drums
Record Label: Dying Victim Productions


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Edited 28 March 2023

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