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Freevil - Freevil Burning (CD)

Freevil Burning
by Grigoris Chronis at 29 February 2008, 10:57 AM

The name, the logo, the title, the cover artwork, the references and (even) the label's name set the ground for something…dunno…different from the usual Metal likes. And, hell, this album actually was a different beat. Not my cup of tea, in particular, but - look! - notable music has the way/'key' factors to surpass personal beliefs/likes (or, at least, should have)…
Start: Thrash band DENATA calls it a day. Tomas and Roger hang out with Mique (SEANCE, WITCHERY). Brainstorming of this trio ends up to what FREEVIL should be all for. Sessions begin. Ten songs are fully shaped, eventually. Recordings star in 2006/2007 at HellSmell Studios. Keyoboards/synths are more than a 'guest' sound ('Phanatos' is the name lurking behind). Mixing process begins. Mastering is done courtesy of Peter In de Betou (DIMMU BORGIR, MARDUK, DARK FUNERAL). Freevil Burning is out via Nastified Productions in late 2007. End.
WITCHERY, THE HAUNTED and (some of) DIMMU BORGIR/CRADLE OF FILTH is an imminent impact to the one listening to Freevil for the first couple of times. The sound is majestic, in a Thrash/Death/Black module, and the trio performs as solid as hell's walls. Still, the highlight is the torturing/theatrical/evil atmosphere lurking in this album. It's as if KING DIAMOND, HALLOWEEN (US) or (where the hell did I recall this one?) EXORCIST (Can) decide to build up a horrified music/puppets house scenario 'pushed' to the extreme Metal boundaries (check e.g. Hate or B.O.B.). I really wished I had the lyrics to this promo copy, by the way.
Mique is demonic in singing, high-pitched, there's speed everywhere in tempos, the soloing is identical and (most of all, even as a 'guest' appearance) the keys is half the deal in here. I'd prefer a more persuasive sound, but - anyway - the FX job done here is tremendous. IF you like your Metal being of horror, but also if the above-mentioned band's do that 'something' to you, FREEVIL is a very very very good choice. I'd propose this one to extreme 'theatrical' hearts, to see what artistic ruthless cemetery gloom can emerge out of in Metal music.

3 Star Rating

Killing Spree
Live The Lie
Dead End Pressure
Morbid December
Infected World
Mique Flesh: Vocals, Drums
Tomas Andersson: Guitars, Additional Vocals
Roger Blomberg: Bass
Record Label: Nastified Productions


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