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Frentrum - Dalle Profondita Award winner

Dalle Profondità
by Jessica Howkins at 25 August 2014, 4:40 PM

There’s a certain thing about real, raw Black Metal – even if it’s not your favoured genre of music, you’re still captured in the darkness that it holds. FRENTRUM are an Italian Black Metal band that was originally founded in 1996, however, until late 2013 the band was on standby. Already by the 7th month of 2014, FRENTRUM’s “Dalle Profondità” is their 2nd release already.

The “Dalle Profondità” EP reaps in the true style of Black Metal, the production is gritty, the vocals are painting a distorted picture of pain and depression and the musical aspect is repetitive. Usually in any other genre, it is a bore, it is off-putting to listen too yet with Black Metal – it is captivating.

From their own tracks to their covers of DARKTHRONE and the famous thrower of poo, GG ALLINFRENTRUM have created an outstanding piece of art that fits in nicely on the walls with all the other Black Metal releases. I will point out that FRENTRUM’s cover of “Transilvanian Hunger” is one of the best that I have indeed heard for a long time.

Black Metal and Depressive Black Metal are obviously so similar to each other it’s sometimes pretty difficult to separate which is which. FRENTRUM for me, they’re easy to tell. Despite the fact that Black Metal and Depressive Black Metal are practically the same in terms of lyrical content and musical direction, FRENTRUM have expressed clear despair and pain throughout their music, it is filled with a dark depression. What makes them not be a Depressive Black Metal band for me? The fact that they have expressed such agony through the music and yet you are still hypnotised by the other bit of Black Metal I like, the evil.

No, it’s not “Let’s go burn a church because I have Black Metal on” sort of evil, it’s the sort of evil you let hypnotise you into feeling powerful.  There are so many bands in different genres that can overwhelm you with feelings but to be made to feel powerful is something wonderfully exciting. I say this powerful feeling is evil as in a sense you’re going to go out and kill people and sacrifice kids to our lord Satan but it is meant in a sense where we are not meant to feel such power within our bodies. We are not meant to feel like we can control ourselves and the people around us, to be able to numb the pain and love we are meant to feel. It’s a natural instinct to feel those, yet, Black Metal becomes an escape that wasn’t intended and allows you to express healthily what the world has taught you not too and that is hatred. If a true Black Metal band can help you channel that, then, they’ve got it spot on, FRENTRUM have it spot on.

The EP, is, obviously too short. The EP, is, obviously a magnificent addition to the world of music.

4 Star Rating

1. Dalle Profondità
2. E Che Tornino a Bruciare…
3. Transilvanian Hunger (Darkthrone cover)
4. Die When You Die (GG Allin cover, bonus) 
Marco D. Falco – Vocals
Ant – Bass, Guitar
William – Drums (Track 1-3)
Strino – Drums (Track 4)
Record Label: Independent


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