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Fright - Fright

by Andrew Harvey at 21 June 2022, 8:43 PM

FRIGHT are a thrash metal quartet that are also a crossover into other types of metal like speed metal, hardcore, and elements of punk too. They came together in the winter season of 2020 as they released a limited version of their self-titled demo in 2020. The band is led by vocalist IAN THOMPSON, joining in on electric guitar is NATE WILSON, bassist is SHARON and lastly is drummer DERIK MOORE. The vocalist comes from a previous band known as A.S.D. and their guitarist comes from bands like PARIAH, DIVINE MALICE, HAXAN and GREEN DRAGON. Their drummer comes from CITIZENS ARREST and GREY C.E.L.L.

The band in terms of their style were heavily influenced by 80’s speed/thrash metal mixed in with ‘elements of gritty Japenese hardcore/D-beat and dark crust’. Furthermore their new EP will feature ‘vicious guitars, frantic bass/drum assaults and powerful intense vocals, all resulting in absolute audible anarchy and complete controlled chaos’. The band’s new EP title also called FRIGHT as the band is also named, the introductory track is titled “Hands Claw Open Eyes” as the guitar feedback sweeps in for drums to build up an attacking crescendo.

There is a lot of drive as the momentum set by the vocals and drums is overwhelming but deadly in tone. It’s a short enough introduction as we hear guitar screech but we head straight into “Divine Desecration”. This second track short in duration has all the thrash we want to hear, guitar at first sustains, as drums holds back before the real hardcore kicks in. There is perhaps a little less vocal contribution but this is not all bad as it allows other instrumentation to let loose and go crazy as we now enter the third track.

Imprisoned Minds” a two minute adrenaline rush injected by guitar feedback once more like a signature as drums gradually join in for explosive thrash mania. Tempo also varies as thrash/speed metal would but there is little time to hang around as we go into “Erupting Dawn Thunder”. Here there is but the essentials of what makes this band extraordinary is the flaming hot guitar riffs that run like a raging bull. Yet again tempo varies, possibly led by drums coordinating the vicious cycles of thrash/speed metal. “Obliterated Ruin” with short guitar crescendo of feedback as this track is covered in all glorious drum build up as vocals project to take command of this track. This track is also showered in dynamics and contrasting highlights of epic guitar solos.

Child Of A New War” has a more mellow guitar tone to start with as drums fire into action ploughing through the audio spectrum. This is also the last track off the EP and the closing outro marked by mellow guitar repeat as cymbal hits is the finisher before we hear gunfire sound effects. The EP gives a good impression and delivers as promised with bundles of smashing, thrash elements jumping out so much. Even though each track is fairly short, this gives the listener a clue as to what could come next if a full length album was produced. I very much enjoyed this EP as it packs a punch and throws the best of thrash and speed metal together.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 9
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Hands Claw Open Eyes
2. Divine Desecration
3. Imprisoned Minds
4. Erupting Down Thunder
5. Obliterated Ruin
6. Child Of A New War
Ian Thompson - Vocals
Nate Wilson - Guitar
Sharon - Bass Guitar
Derik Moore - Drums
Record Label: Horror Pain Gore Death Productions


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