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Frightful - Spectral Creator

Spectral Creator
by Ricardo Casagrande at 26 January 2022, 12:48 PM

FRIGHTFUL is a Polish Death metal outfit formed in 2016 and as of 2020 they have added new guitarist Mencel into the fold. The result of this is a more technical, solid all around sound, and a new full length release called Spectral Creator. With two prior EP releases Born After Burial in 2017 and Cannibalistic Rites in 2018, also putting out the demo Astro Freeze in 2019. They have had the time to prepare their live assault, musicianship, and partying skills and look to start off 2022 with some long awaited touring in support of their first full length album.

The album starts off with the titled demo song “Astro Freeze” and instead of knocking on the door to let people know they’ve arrived, it just gets kicked in instead. Krzychu starts off the drums by battering them as if he has grown some extra limbs, and the guitars are in full form, feeding off each other riff after riff, and you get the sense it will not be the last time. The song flows effortlessly, with some tempo changes between solos and it seems as if they have been playing together for much longer than they have. “Destructive Species” picks up right where the opening track leaves off and you can hear the vocals as if they are in the background, not overwhelming the music, but sinisterly lurking in the background, depicting the self destruction of man. The next track up is “Soul Separate” and has a dominant nature to it, with some Swedish heavy metal sounding guitar works of early IN FLAMES or AT THE GATES, it is a perfect balance of intensity and rhythm.

“Breaking the Twilight” starts off with some enchanting and easy to listen to guitar picking and is soon engulfed by the slow approaching drums that kicks the song off with a nice touch. This is an instrumental song that leads to a riff fest by Pawel and Mateusz, but it never seems to lose touch with the initial opening. The next track “Crimson Dawn” is a burner from beginning to end, and coming off of the instrumental you can appreciate what the vocals of Oskar brings to the table. This is a strong track on this album having a bit of a different feel at times then what has been previously presented. With the track “Those Who Burn For Might” you can understand the raw force and aggression that these musicians can create, as even a corpse may show signs of life upon hearing. Hopefully this track becomes a single and gets the recognition it deserves. We now hit the end with “Spectral Creator” and the drums are as relentless as the start, the guitars are super sonic and together are a force to be reckoned with. The music on this album really pieces together nicely in this death metal puzzle.

The musicianship of FRIGHTFUL gives them the ability to expand their creativeness and hopefully as their careers carry on, they are able to embrace that. It is what makes great bands great. It is a first full length release that they should be happy with, and if they can bring out what they have created in these tracks, on the road, it should not be the last time you will hear from these guys.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Astral Freeze
2. Destructive Species
3. Abhorred
4. Soul Separate
5. Breaking the Twilight
6. Crimson Dawn
7. Those Who Burn For Might
8. Angel Waste
9. Spectral Creator
Pawel Snarski - Guitars
Mateusz Mencel - Guitars
Oskar Wanka - Vocals, Bass
Krzysztof Pochranowicz - Drums
Record Label: Awakening Records


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