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Friisk - …Un Torügg Bleev Blot Sand

…Un Torügg Bleev Blot Sand
by Ben Gardiner at 31 August 2021, 9:23 PM

There’s very little Germany cannot produce when it comes to great metal, and this album is a prime example of that. Combining the heavy aggression of Traditional Norwegian Black Metal with new age production to create a ferocious but atmospheric triumph of heavy music. FRIISK utilize dense sections of tremolo and blast beats, making impenetrable walls of brutal noise, but they also know when to drop the walls, submerging the listener in warm waters of emotive melodies.

Overlaying Tremolo guitars and soulful acoustic picking, the beginning sequence of “Einklang” perfectly encompasses FRIISK’s blend of aggression and melancholy. I keep replaying the moment the bass drum kicks in for the first time, punching through the atmosphere of the guitars with sudden authority. The first track is a slow, deeply moving instrumental, paving the vast landscape of the album. Merely the calm before the storm though, as “Dem Wind entgegen” adjusts direction with its opening prolonged scream and rapid blast beats, steering us into the choppy storm of aggressive Black Metal. “Hoat” has some phenomenal technically proficient instrumentation and a diverse, captivating vocal performance. An explosive finale of relentless blasting and a roaring guitar solo is a highlight of the album.

A muted snare roll starts off track five, which proceeds to burst into full volume in a very interesting production decision, the rest of the song is a Doomy cry of despair, until the breakdown at the three-minute mark, which is a sudden change in style, dipping into a Deathcore-esque instrumental tinge before a spoken vocal breakdown. This energy is maintained from this point, the last half completely distancing itself from the muddy, melancholic opening with a flurry of blast beats and Tremolo picking.

Fiebertraum,” the closer of the album, is a ten-minute anthem of sombreness. The song is layered with emotion, gone is the fast moving aggression, replaced with a defeated melancholy feeling, rage still seeping through the vocals.  The dreariness soon descends into chaos as the drums return to blasting the guitars wail, although this too soon falls away and we are left in a deafening silence, accompanied by the cracking of a fire and fading, delicate acoustic guitar.

"… Un Torügg Bleev Blot Sand" by FRIISK is a very pleasant reminder that all the ingredients are there, and have been for decades, but a new exciting meal can still be made. The equilibrium of emotion, balancing on that fine line of raw aggression and atmospheric can easily go wrong, sound disjointed or inauthentic, but each section flows smoothly into the other and every decision feels precise. Finally, the album cover is one of best I’ve seen of this year.

Songwriting:  8
Musicianship:  8
Memorability:  7
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

1. Einklang
2. Dem Wind entgegen
3. Hoat
4. Versunken
5. Mauern aus Nebel
6. Torügg bleev blot Sand
7. Fiebertraum
T. – Vocals / synths
J. – Guitars / backing vocals
TS – Guitars / backing vocals
HK – Bass
JL – Drums
Record Label: Vendetta Records


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