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From Ashes Reborn - Existence Exiled Award winner

From Ashes Reborn
Existence Exiled
by Kyle Scott at 07 October 2018, 7:25 AM

Few Death Metal bands really earn my love. I obviously enjoy and appreciate a lot of the Death Metal I come across, but not many manage to carve out a space for themselves in my metal-loving heart quite like FROM ASHES REBORN did. A band formed from the ashes of their previous incarnation BADOC, FROM ASHES REBORN attempts to find a new way to play technical death, weaving a different pattern of notes that go beyond formulaic. Their style follows a more uplifting air than their previous incarnation's deadlier, more aggressive flair. FROM ASHES REBORN focuses more on overcoming seemingly insurmountable trials.

"The Onerous Truth" is a moving instrumental intro replete with a peaceful string orchestral and solemn piano before being dropped straight onto the muddy battlefield that is "Fight for the Light" a furious anthem that rushes forth through a hailstorm of chords and drums. FROM ASHES REBORN play up introspective interludes while the storm rages in their songs. There is little room for moments of self-pity. You are rushing to the front and you aren't stopping until you drive a bayonet into the heart of your deepest fears. Cymbals crash in a tidal cascade in "Follow the Rising", "The Essence of Emptiness" has beautiful basslines and chords that worm their way into your head long after the song is over.

Little snippets from a past life exist in Existence Exiled. "Infected" and "Homicidal Rampage" speak to their aggro days in BADOC; little reminders of the past they haven't let go of. Not because they are unwilling, but because ASHES has made peace with the past. The final track makes sense of this by finishing the album on a triumphant high. From just their debut, ASHES comes out from their cocoon refined, resplendent and emotionally hard-hitting. Walk the Splendid Path and find your peace after fighting through the rage.

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 9
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. The Onerous Truth
2. Fight for the Light
3. Follow the Rising
4. The Essence of Emptiness
5. Infected
6. Existence Exiled
7. Homicidal Rampage
8. The Splendid Path
Tobias Rummele - Bass
Thomas Boxler - Drums
Dirk Aigner - Lead Guitar
Sebastian Bruan - Rhythm Guitars, Backing Vocals
Ronnie Schultes - Lead Vocals
Record Label: Independent


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