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From Nowhere - Agony (Reissue)

From Nowhere
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 16 August 2012, 8:45 PM

There is nothing better than the thin line between masterminding a structural musical well thought and planned musical piece along with a straightforward, speedy and rather vicious vitality. Do I really believe that you probably ask? Yes I do and a band like FROM NOWHERE, or more truthfully from Spain, attested once again my not so pristine belief with their brutal elegance following their debut album “Agony” (mastered by Andy LaRoque) re-released via DigiMetalWorld, after being released for the first time last year on Mechanix Records. Roughly inspired by the legendary icons of constructive or Progressive Death Metal, DEATH, this Spanish crew has been clouting with fierce old and new school Death / Thrash Metal aptitude along with strong elements taken from various of other icons like SLAYER, SEPULTURA and I can also add my personal favourite DEW-SCENTED to this fine bestial ferment. By and large, I was pretty astonished of how the band came to manifest a rather excellent Metal music while also letting themselves to loosen up a bit here and there. Furthermore, all throughout the release I felt a nippy chill, something like a iced up atmosphere, colder with grey emotions as if I was listening to a stiff playing guitars, bass, drums and howling lyrics.

Coming to think of it, the music had various of stories to tell but the probable hole I was feeling was due to the lack of emotion that I felt from the vocals. Though there were a few tracks that I would have let go due to a substantial deficiency when it comes to my interest in the music merely like “Drugs of War” and “Factory of Hate”, these pair of average pieces proved to me that the vocal line, unlike the music that served as a charming halo, felt stale and pretty much empty. However, it can be also blamed on the mixing in the production process that inserted the vocal lines way behind the guitars and bass. Unlike in the DEATH albums, the lead vocalist / guitarist Armando García, above sounding bitter, as most likely like he should, seemed as technical as the music surrounding his voice. That is the reason why I conjured that the high rated music “saved” this album from being another technically inspired extreme Metal release with a bottomless pit as its heart.

“Right to Die” is a maniacal berserker running the streets with bloodlust fuming from its veins. If there was a monster looming around, it would have been it. That is a kind of deathly Thrash Metal that I like to here. Something of this and some of that and you have yourself a smarter kind of brutality on your dinner plate. “REM” is a special kind of instrumental while sharing several DEATH like patterns it showed that FROM NOWHERE have been trying to develop themselves beyond their influences into higher plains. The two covers displayed for CANCER and DEATH were exquisite. As a fan of both bands, with the sadness of them not being around to witness such to such amazing cover versions of their classics, I was amazed for the work done.

FROM NOWHERE handed the thin line between what is technical and what is beastly loosen and untamed. “Agony” might make your breath fume cold air that might transpire as clam but it is also deadly with vengeance due to being aggressively oppressed and showing it. Take this one now.

4 Star Rating

1. Welcome to the Cage
2. Catalepsy
3. The Fallen One
4. Drugs of War
5. Factory of Hate
6. Breathless (Agony)
7. Right to Die
8. REM
9. Hung, Drawn and Quartered (Cancer Cover)
10. Sacred Serenity (Death Cover)
Armando García- Guitars/Vocals
JM Monleón- Guitars
Germán Rubio- Drums
Record Label: DigiMetalWorld


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