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From Sorrow To Serenity - Remnant Of Humanity

From Sorrow To Serenity
Remnant Of Humanity
by Jessica R. Harman at 12 November 2016, 9:32 AM

FROM SORROW TO SERENITY was born in Glasgow, Scotland and released an EP “Antithesis” in 2013. FSTS finalized their lineup and is back their eleven-track debut full-length album “Remnant of Humanity”. This album comes in roaring, in Groove Metal fashion. “Remnant of Humanity” is about 35 minutes of listening time. The opening track “Lost Our Way” is an instrumental that comes in strong showing FSTS’s technical and heavy sound. It perfectly opens the listener to what they can expect from the rest of the album; a little Deathcore, a little Groove, and a little Technical Metal rounds out this track. It’s transition to track two “Hellbound” is a little wonky sounding like the end of “Lost Our Way” should have lead to a different beginning than “Hellbound”. The track it’s self is grandiose. The vocals are growled but still clean. The guitar and bass are incredibly low. The bass phenomenal and I love being able to hear it so easily. The guitar sets the tone and drums keep everything in line. There is still a little wonkiness in the end, where this track sounds like it should lead into another, but doesn’t. It throws off the follow a little bit.

Forsaken”, track three, is my favorite track on the album. I’m drawn to the lyrical content, I’m drawn to the vocals, and I’m drawn to the musicianship within the album. It’s a hard and strong track that is dripping with emotion that isn’t only heard, but felt. Track four, “Break the Mould” is another favorite on “Remnant of Humanity”. It has genre limiting elements weaved through out the track as well as guest vocals by Aaron Matts. This creates fun dual vocals and creates a bit of diversity within the album. “Nescient”, track eight, has some harsh drums. They stand out in this track, allowing for another flip within the track giving variation to not only the track, but the album as a whole. Not that the drums are usually under developed, because that is not the case at all, they are just enhanced in this track.

The final track on “Remnant of Humanity” is “The Way Back”, featuring guest vocals by CJ McMahon. This track is deeper and a bit darker than the rest of the tracks on the album. It is also the longest of the tracks, giving FSTS a way to incorporate many different styles, including vocal verity, which happens so notably with the addition of CJ McMahon’s vocals. This track is the granddaddy of them all and rounds out the album perfectly. “Remnant of Humanity” is a perfectly twisted Technical Metal meets Deathcore meets Groove Metal album. There is an excess of genre demolishing in this album and elements many people will find refreshing within. Check it out.

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

1.Lost Our Way
4.Break the Mould
6.The Divide
9.Prosthetic Eyes
10.In Time
11.The Way Back
Gaz King – Vocals
Steven Jones – Guitars
Andrew Simpson – Bass
Ian Baird – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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