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From Sorrow to Serenity - Reclaim

From Sorrow to Serenity
by Crisstopher Robyn at 06 May 2019, 7:38 PM

Formed in 2013, FROM SORROW TO SERENITY released their debut EP, “Antithesis”.  They exploded in the UK Metal scene and earned support slots with CHELSEA GRIN, VEIL OF MAYA, MONUMENTS, and performed at the UK Tech-Fest all within the same year. In 2016, the band self-released their full-length album, “Remnant of Humanity,” and toured with FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY and earned a slot on the main-stage at UK Tech-Fest. The album received critical praise from Metal Hammer, Rock Sound, Metal Injection and more. In 2017, the band recruited new vocalist Gaz King (formerly of NEXILVIA), and released the stand-alone single “Golden Age”.  While showcasing a step away from their Deathcore roots, the band stepped towards a modern Technical-Metalcore sound. Following the release of “Golden Age,” FROM SERENITY TO SORROW toured the UK with JINJER as part of their sold out UK tour in November 2017. After a successful tour, they signed with Long Branch Records and released the first single “Supremacy,” in February 2018. After a short tour, the band put their new album, “Reclaim,” into production and was released March 22, 2019. What do the guys from Glasgow, Scotland have in store for us? Let us check this out!

Denounce” begins the album with some electronic work that could fit into a Terminator movie. The music itself jumps into heavy pounding drums, while the guitar and bass give a slow dark groove. I cannot help but get lost within this song. The vocals are powerful enough to tear walls down but tune well with the music itself. “Reclaim” starts heavy but slows after the short intro. Slow does not mean soft though. The music is dark and reflects the lyrics contained within. Once we hit the chorus, that heavy intro comes back into play. Gaz King’s lyrical screams of “What a pathetic excuse for a life, imprisoned in our own minds” bring out the angst of the song. Powerful indeed. “Solitude” is the midway point of the album. From the title you would think it is another softer song, but it is the complete opposite. The music is fast paced and gives you a kick in the nuts. Although the verse is a bit slower than the chorus, you still feel that heavy sound of the band. King’s vocals have been solid throughout so far. The song gives you more of the emotion imparted within the lyrics and his vocal range. “Inside A Soul” starts slowly as King’s spoken words of “Welcome to the promised land, Armored thick damaged none the less, For a parasite lingers within” drag us into the a fury of drums and guitar that seem to ebb and flow. “7” continues the high energy flowing. The vicious guitars and drums pump venom through your veins. The brutal breakdown gives way to a very good guitar solo. The song is definitely made for a huge mosh pit that I would not want to be a part of.

FROM SERENITY TO SORROW certainly brings a gun to a knife fight. The music is hardcore and keeps your head banging all through the album. I love the electronic elements they add to their songs. It gives more depth to the music and vocals. Gaz King brings a different level to the band surrounding him and his vocal range is to be praised. He doesn’t just scream; the man can sing as well. Check out “Resurgence” if you need an excellent example. Hopefully, I will get the chance to see their prowess on a live stage over here in the states. If their show is as good as their music, I would not want to miss out.

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 9
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

4 Star Rating

1. Denounce
2. We Are Liberty
3. Reclaim
4. Alight
5. Perpetrator
6. Solitude
7. Unity Asunder
8. Inside A Soul
9. 7
10. Resurgence

Gaz King - Vocals
Steven Jones - Guitars/Vocals
Andrew Simpson - Bass
Ian Baird - Drums

Record Label: Long Branch Records


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