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From The Vastland – The Haft Khan Award winner

From The Vastland
The Haft Khan
by William Travers at 03 August 2020, 9:21 AM

Welcome to the home of Black Metal. Norway has long been associated with the genre after it has offered rafts of bands unto the world. Here today we have the most recent release from FROM THE VASTLAND

The artwork, which was designed and painted by Kjell Åge Meland. The beautiful and intricate design appears to show an almost mythical depiction, with subtle imagery that will leave buyers more than happy with any purchase, a new trophy case cover to stand on display.

The scene is set as “Khan E Aval” slowly builds through its introduction, before the archetypical ruthless blast beats and relentless riffage comes to the fore. Driving the track forwards at a break neck speed. It seems, over and over again when you think that the intensity of the music cannot get any greater that one of the members kicks it up a notch. Most noticeable for myself was the impeccable control of the pace from drummer Spektre. The track continues to deliver the purest of electrical energy throughout, before coming to a prolonged and prominent faded ending.

“Khan E Sevom” is thrust into your ears. A steady pounding introduction that is accented by flashes of the oh so familiar high intensity flurries that are so iconic within the genre. This ebb and flow styling continues throughout with regular bouts of intense music that breaks down into heavy and dense sections, giving the listener a slight respite from the relentless and intense main body.

Kicking it up another gear we come to “Khan E Panjom”. The melodic riffs from Sina’s guitar playing create an overtone of dread. This is thoroughly complimented by the remainder of the musicians as all parts unite in a blissful harmony that just carries the listener away to a distant land. Personally, I actually found myself closing my eyes to lose myself in the track. What I saw were brilliant visualisations of colours moving together to the music.

The music continues to develop in intensity as we continue to travel towards the latter stages of the release. “Khan E Sheshom” is the most involved track I feel in the album, relentless and unforgiving from start until finish. But we come to the finale “Khan E Haftom” is steady to begin, utilising a very prolonged and punctuated introduction that keeps the listener on the edge. And when the release finally comes, it doesn’t disappoint, all of the pent-up energy and any reserves that were left are released in the purest aural ecstasy available. As the track continued to build, I was once again lost, floating on a cloud, but it wasn’t to be, I was brought crashing back to earth as the track, and by association the album came to a sudden and untimely end. I was devastated.

Overall, I feel that this will be extremely well received by all fans of Black Metal, with its deep-set roots in the more traditional forms of the genre, it is simply a joy to behold a band that will deliver the music in such fantastic manner. Fans of GORGOROTH, IMMORTAL and MARDUK line up and do not let this fantastic group pass you by!

Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Khan E Aval
2. Khan E Dovom
3. Khan E Sevom
4. Khan E Chaharom
5. Khan E Panjom
6. Khan E Sheshom
7. Khan E Haftom
Sina – Vocals/Guitar
Tjalve – Bass
Spektre – Drums
Record Label: Iron Blood and Death Records


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