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Frontback - Heart Of A Lion

Heart Of A Lion
by Jess at 26 April 2017, 10:12 AM

FRONTBACK, a Hard Rock band, formed in Sweden, released their debut album “Born With A Secret” in 2013. Their first album caught the attention of Hard Rock fans because of its “lyrics, catchy melodies, and driving guitar riffs.” After much touring, both abroad and in Sweden, they released their sophomore effort “Heart Of A Lion” in 2017. This album comes after a lineup change and a full, from scratch, production, trashing all previously written work for this album. “Heart Of A Lion” comes in with ten tracks and a listening time of about 43 minutes.

The opening track “All The Way For Fame” comes in hard and fast. The guitars are subdued but powerful, the bass is chunky and add depth. The drums help keep the pace. The vocals are interesting. At first I wasn’t impressed. They are female and for the most part powerful and engaging, but there is a squeakiness to them that is distracting. However, as the track and album played on, the vocals became an integral piece of the music. The guitar solo with the chunky bass in the backdrop of this track is on point. This track is stimulating and engaging. Another classic Hard Rock track “Dead Man On the Road” is a bit more provocative, lyrically and musically. It starts off low and acoustically, with a quiet vocal. The sound hardens and thrusts the track on an exciting adventure of musical awakening. The bass is a bit more hidden in this track, but the guitars and drums shine high and keep this stimulating track alive. The vocals are even more high pitched in portions of this track, but they fit perfectly in here.

On And On”, track five, has a Poppy flare to it. There is also a more Progressive Rock feel. The music in this one is fun and pleasing to the ear. It reminds me of a female lead Classic Rock track. Her vocals are raw and dare I say, beautiful. They are lower in this one and it really changes the affect in the music. The drums can change rhythm in a beat, the bass keeps this track heavy, while the guitars create an inviting track.  Track seven “Black Night City Light” is harder, faster, and the epitome of what Rock’N’Roll is. There is a new meets old feeling in this track. I feel like I could turn on the New Rock radio station and hear this track, but I could also turn the Classic Rock station on and this track would fit well there too. This track remarkably moves into “Destiny” track eight. Where the sound keeps it harder and faster feeling with a much lower vocal enhancing the overall track. The musicianship is fantastic within this track. The movement and melody are indispensable.

The final track, “Remember”, starts off much slower that anything previously heard in the album, but the speed comes back. The guitar opening is phenomenal and reminiscent of 80’s Rock anthems. The bass is really good in this track, but buried a bit by the overall sound. The drums are slower, but still nicely done. There is too much vocal squeak in this track that doesn’t fit. It’s her voice and it fits in everywhere else on this album, except this track.

FRONTBACK is an excellent band. Their brand of Hard Rock is rare and unique thanks to the uncommon vocal compilation and the exquisite musicianship throughout each track. The vocals will throw some people off, but will enthrall others. If you are looking for a Hard Rocking group that has music that is uncommon to the norm, FRONTBACK is a good start.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 9
Memorability: 7
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. All the Way For Fame
2. Dead Man On The Road
3. Honest
4. Rival Sons
5. On And On
6. Liar
7. Black Night City Light
8. Destiny
9. Fender
10. Remember
Anlo Front – Lead Vocals and Guitar
Axel Graneskog - Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals
Jonas Persson - Bass and Backing Vocals
Kristoffer Stridh - Drums and Backing Vocals
Record Label: Dead End Exit Records


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