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Frontline - The Seventh Sign (CD)

The Seventh Sign
by Eleni Mouratoglou at 09 July 2004, 9:41 PM

Germany has given birth to great AOR-Hard Rock groups like Pink Cream 69, Jaded Heart and… Frontline. Frontline appeared 10 years ago, with Stephan Kaemmerer and Robby Boebel among the founding members. Thomas Bauer and Rami Ali became members in 1997, when Heroes was released in Japan. Chris Lausmann has apparently departed although it was just 2 years ago when he left Bonfire to prioritize Frontline.
The Seventh Sign contains some typical AOR songs, like Getaway and some others that could be classified as Hard Rock. If I weren't aware of the fact that Poser Metal is a term only a few people adopt, I would use it to describe the first track of the album, You Can't Tame Me. But I will not use it: just imagine a combination of melody and intense beat and guitar solos. This track is the only one that can be perceived as aggressive in a way.
The guitars and the synths are perfectly played by Robby. The lead guitars have nice volume and the acoustic rhythm guitars are mainly responsible for the relaxing feeling you get by songs like Take Me Higher, while the keys offer the needed power.  
Without insisting more on technical aspects and musical features I want to say that what mostly moved me about The Seventh Sign is the fact that music's primal purpose, the recreation, is fulfilled. I never agreed with the common belief that art should always make us wonder about some things or question others that are taken for granted.
This album refers to everyday matters with unattained love in the first rank. Emotions are pushed to the edge, especially in the ballads, but the tranquility created is never really disturbed. The only negative feeling that can be caused, if we can call it so, is a slight melancholy, as if somebody remembers the past with nostalgia for both the good and the bad moments.
I don't know whether I said it properly so that you can all understand what I mean, so I'll give you an example: think of yourself in a summer evening, driving into the sunset. The Seventh Sign could be an ideal soundtrack for this scene. And if you are or have been hopelessly in love, you will identify yourselves with the singer-narrator of this bittersweet story.
I suggest you paid more attention to You Can't Tame Me, This Lie, Getaway, Melt My Ice and Part Of My Life.
I have to admit though, that with the exception of one or two of these songs, the rest will probably be set aside by their next release, so despite my positive reaction to this album I cannot give it more than…

3 Star Rating

You Can't Tame Me
This Lie
Like You Do
Take Me Higher
Part Of My Life
Where's The Love
Melt My Ice
This Is My Life
You Never Cried
Stephan Kaemmerer - Vocals
Robby Boebel - Guitars & Keyboards
Thomas “Hutch Bauer - Bass
Rami Ali - Drums
Record Label: AOR Heaven


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