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Frost Legion - Death Of Mankind Award winner

Frost Legion
Death Of Mankind
by Marcos “Big Daddy” Garcia at 25 August 2014, 2:02 AM

Since the arrival of MOONSPELL on the 90’s, many turned their attention to Portugal, looking for other very good bands from the lands bathed by Tejo river. And good names arose, and a new comer is the extreme quartet FROST LEGION, creating a very aggressive Black Metal that comes on their first album, “Death Of Mankind”.

These guys create an extreme and fast Black Metal, with some more atmospheric moments, sometimes musical influences from MARDUK, MAYHEM and from other fast and furious bands appear. But hold your horses, nieces and nephews from Ol’ Big Daddy: these guys have guts, and a strong and harsh personality, knowing how to make very good Metal music. Extreme and harsh vocals, very good riffs (and some solos), a technical and heavy rhythmic basis, but their personality guides these musical aspects for a good result, sounding not like any other band.

A good level of sound quality is presented, with all instruments appearing equally, with good tunes and heavy as they must be, but for those who miss ancient raw quality from bands as MAYHEM or BURZUM, don’t need to panic: it’s clean, but the album has a crude sounding.

Their album is very good as a whole; from the first track to the last, with a handful of extreme, harsh and aggressive songs. And their best moments are “Warmageddon” (very good riffs and vocals), the fast and thunderous “Evil Unleashed” (great drums as fast as light sometimes, what makes the bass player have a hard time, but he works as fast as the drums), the evil attack of “Krieg” (these guitars are perfect), the intense “Wasteland” (a bit slower, again with great drums, fine vocals and guitar solo), and the terror strike called “Wrath of the Undead”. But the band made versions for two Black Metal classics, DARKTHRONE’s “Transilvanian Hunger” (way better than the original version, due the sound quality and the band technique), and MAYHEM’s “Funeral Fog” (as good as the Black Metal masters original song).

Get your copies as soon as you can!!!

4 Star Rating

1. Intro
2. Warmageddon
3. Hellfire
4. Evil Unleashed
5. Krieg
6. Death of Mankind
7. Wasteland
8. Wrath of the Undead
9. Hateful Existence
10. Transilvanian Hunger
11. Funeral Fog
Sadistik Desekrator – Vocals
NecroDeathMortum – Guitars
War Faust – Bass
Tormentor – Drums
Record Label: War Productions


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