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Frostbite - Everything That I Crave Award winner

Everything That I Crave
by Eli Freiheit Hohozia at 16 October 2014, 12:34 PM

FROSTBITE is a one-man Gothic Metal project by Christopher Lee Compton (No, not the legendary actor Christopher Lee, but this Christopher Lee is multi-talented none-the-less!). Everything That I Crave is a gloomy art-piece that was forged in the depths of Pandemonium. A tight and quality production that throws you into deep abysses. It shows a variety of influences and Compton's vast experience in the Gothic and Industrial scenes.

"Nightmare", the prologue to this journey takes us into the realm of Compton's imagination. Hissing and obscure voices, heartbeats and then the Opera begins. It starts with a slow piano melody and a choir - and then a whirlwind of voices and sounds.  You won't leave this one unscarred. Then comes "In The Name of Blasphemy", the storm continues. Everything is heavy and played on the low octaves. The bass lines and Compton's deep voice are your guide.  The choirs elevate this piece, only for Compton to bring it back to its gloomy origins. Compton reminds you to trust him in "Lullaby", Everything in this song is meant to sooth you. The guitar, the rhythm and the voice melodies are all there to make you lower your guard. It's much more flowing and less threatening than the previous number, much more melodic.

"Reach out, Frostbite" is one of my favorites on this release. Compton shows his vocal range and sophisticated instrumentation and composition.

"The Death of a Friend" serves as the epilogue piece of this album. An acoustic piece that is both tense and smooth, as the album itself. It is more soothing than the previous track "Afterlife Mine", and shorter. A short and humble farewell from this interesting release.

Everything That I Crave is a very solid and intelligent release in all aspects. Production-wise, composition-wise, and lyrically. It's captivating, smooth and fun to listen to, though it can be tedious for the less progressive-music leaning ears. Compton shows his many talents, not only technical, but also the skill to encompass a large spectrum of emotions. Just reading this review will not do this album justice. You must listen to it.

5 Star Rating

1. Nightmare
2. In The Name of Blasphemy
3. Lullaby
4. Reach Out Frostbite
5. Everything I Crave
6. Until Your Tears
7. Lies
8. Afterlife Mine
9. Death Of A Friend
Christopher Lee Compton -  All Instruments
Record Label: Crysella Records


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