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Frostblaze - Doom Of Winter

Doom Of Winter
by Daniel Fox at 13 March 2014, 5:10 PM

Some underground, basement-bands can sound absolutely terrible, in need of a desperate technical and ideological overhaul. However, some are truly gems in the rough, with somewhat of an acquired taste. FROSTBLAZE is an experimental Metal project, dangerously ambitious, with "Doom of Winter" recorded in Robert's basement with make-do equipment. However, I can't help but love it; it takes the honesty of the early BURZUM albums but embellishes it with so much more, taking influence from a variety of Folk-infused genres. What I must commend the band on is created something fresh and new – without even using a physical drum set – that sounds completely original and from the heart.

When you come to the title track, you will notice the admittedly (by the band themselves!) sub-par recording quality. But, if you're like me, you won't care. The vocals in this track share a unique duality between harsh shrieks of Black origin, and more so Death metal-oriented growls. The riffs in this track have a sound, ideological foundation, even though they are undercut by the overwhelming drum program and the basement-production; the guitarists themselves are indeed skilled musicians. What really blew me away in this track, as with the rest of the album, was the use of Folky synth; artificial as may be, they are hauntingly beautiful and melodically compliment the track in a genius way.

"Peaceful End" is an epic, winding maze of experimental Folk metal, truly showcasing the band's intense synth arrangements. The clean vocals, performed by either Robert or Damjan, alternate between commanding stanzas that you might find on a TYR album, and powerful Power Metal wails. I cannot stress enough, how beautiful the synth arrangements are; at many unexpected moments I'm hit with harp and flute sounds. "Cold Night" is an even longer piece, at over 10 minutes, that builds on this style but makes it heavier, harsher, and turns into the veritable blizzard at times.

To deem an album as terrible solely because of the recording quality, I think, is ignorance of one of the highest levels. Conceptually (and where the guitars, vocals and bass concerned, instrumentally), this band truly has it. The Folk-inspired muses oozing out of their minds show in their music. Picture this band with physical drums and a studio worthy of them, and you will have a band that rivals WINTERSUN.

4 Star Rating

1. Winter Breeze
2. Doom of Winter
3. Whispers of the Fallen Kings
4. Peaceful End
5. Wolve's Dance
6. Cold Night
7. White Darkness
Robert – Guitars, Vocals, Drum and Synth programming
Damjan Rene – Vocals
Martin – Vocals, Bass
Record Label: Independent


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