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Frozen Crown - The Fallen King Award winner

Frozen Crown
The Fallen King
by Kyle Scott at 06 March 2018, 12:28 PM

FROZEN CROWN has risen from their icy tomb and trekked across miles of frozen wasteland to claim their rightful throne in the Power Metal universe. This band from Milan wants you to know how prepared they are to die by their swords in their intense debut “The Fallen King”. Right away we are given a powerful introduction in “Fail No More”. Giada Etro sings with every ounce of conviction she has, with the power to lift your spirit out of the saddest of doldrums.

FROZEN CROWN is not Etro’s only band. She is also the vocalist for Death/Doom Metal band ASHES YOU LEAVE, and Melodic Death Metal band TYSTNADEN. The only other member that has other band obligations is backing vocalist/keyboardist Federico Mondelli with Death Metal band DIRTY RAIN. FROZEN CROWN is Mondelli’s brainchild and he writes a majority of the lyrics. The Fallen King is chock-full of fast-track riffs – nothing that speeds out of control – but enough to get your pulse going.

“Kings” features melodic, soulful guitar solos and unwavering, pride-filled lyrics. Etro’s voice soars above the tracks, her choruses beautifully inspiring as they are infectious to sing along to. “The Shieldmaiden” exudes an indominable will that refuses to yield to anyone as Etro continues down her warpath of domination. Federico Mondelli spices things up by laying down some screaming next to Etro’s operatics. “Chasing lights” is a subdued number that’s very peaceful before the intensity returns on “Queen of Blades”. “Netherstorm” goes out with a bang with a whirlwind of furious riffs and screaming vocals, basslines and drums swirling around you like an intense white out blizzard.

FROZEN CROWN doesn’t hold back their assault, ready to take what is theirs, leaving no one standing after they carve through all who oppose them. Etro and Mondelli’s vocals are forceful, cutting right to the heart at times. A great band to listen to when you need a particularly strong boost to get you through the day.

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Fail No More
2. To Infinity
3. Kings
4. I Am the Tyrant
5. The Shieldmaiden
6. Chasing Lights
7. Queen of Blades
8. Across the Sea
9. Everwinter
10. Netherstorm
Giada "Jade" Etro - Lead and Backing Vocals
Federico Mondelli - Vocals, Guitars, and Keys
Talia Bellazecca - Guitar
Filippo Zavattari - Bass
Alberto Mezzanotte – Drums
Record Label: Scarlet Records


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