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Frozen Rain - Frozen Rain (CD)

Frozen Rain
Frozen Rain
by Grigoris Chronis at 27 August 2009, 10:59 AM

Was checking out the influences section at FROZEN RAIN's MySpace page, even if this was not that necessary bearing in mind the label behind this release. Well, everything melodic Rock/AOR music's about the last two decades - at least - is featured in there. Quite reasonable, since the decision for the formation of this project seems to have been the love of Kurt Vereecke for this kind of music and only.
FROZEN RAIN's debut release features the guest participation of musicians like Tommy Denander (RADIOACTIVE), Steve Newman (NEWMAN), Daniel Flores (MIND'S EYE), Jim Santos (NORWAY) and Ollie Oldenburg (ex-ZINATRA). Along with the basic lineup, the team created an album of twelve songs full of melodies but lacking some horsepower. The songwriting is interesting, and specifically songs like Little Angel, Red Light Zone, Waiting For You and Park Cafe have great balls to stand the test of time, but the production does not seem to have the volume needed to back up the endless dozes of harmonies and melodic moments. The guitars work is rather intriguing, in general, plus the vocals are sensational in most of the songlist (even if not treated fair in the mix, I'm afraid).
FROZEN RAIN mixes well the American and European standards for melodic Rock music. On one side we have the up-vibe songs owing credit to the JOURNEY or SURVIVOR or LOVERBOY testament, while the European DNA of most - if not all - of the band members is visible in the instrumentation and the vocal harmonies. Equally drifting between the minor and major scales, the listener shall exchange emotions in between. Fans of bands like FORTUNE, FRONTLINE, DRIVE, SHE SAID, THE STORM, STRANGEWAYS, HARLAN CAGE, STREETS etc will find enough interesting things lurking in here, I suppose.
A safe album, a good addition to your AOR collection and an '80s' synopsis from a musician from Belgium who neatly exposes his love for this sound/style; if Frozen Rain had some more personality and a more convincing production, we'd be talking 'bout an arresting experience.

3 Star Rating

Waiting For You
Wire Of Love
Music Keeps Me Alive
My Heart Believes It's True
Red Light Zone
On The Run
Park Cafe
Never Be A Fool Again
Your Love
Say That You Love Me
Little Angel
Rik Priem - Guitars
Hans Vereecke - Drums, Backing Vocals
Kurt Vereecke - Keyboards, Bass, Backing Vocals
Record Label: Avenue Of Allies Music


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