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Frust – The Advent of Adhara

The Advent of Adhara
by Cherie Wong at 10 June 2020, 11:59 PM

On May 1, 2020, FRUST released “The Advent of Adhara.” FRUST is the one-man post-black metal project of Mario Steiner, founded in 2018. Though the sound is rooted in post-black metal, some atmospheric and experimental elements leak through, like the sad, melodic black metal riffs and the atmospheric synths. Unfortunately, the album production is not as clean as other post-black metal bands, but that is to be expected of independent black metal releases. If the album had better production, this album stands up to the band’s influences of UNREQVITED, ALCEST, and HERETOIR. The album definitely has highlights.

As “Intro” is, as its title suggests, merely an intro track, the first song of note is the second track, “Frozen Sun.” It has fast-paced, melodic black metal riffs throughout except for a soft and pensive break in the middle. “My Final Day May Never Come” did not grip me at first due to the noncommittal vocals. They’re not quite clean, but not quite dirty either. The soft and melancholic instrumentals sections are lovely though. The next track “Alone” continues with the melancholic atmosphere, though this time, with a female vocalist singing in an ethereal voice. The titular track “The Advent Of Adhara” also features a female voice, though the mood is more uplifting. It’s like the closing theme of a medieval movie in which the good guy triumphed.

In contrast, “The Feast” is rough and crusty, with a bass heavy sound. This track was previously released as a single in late 2019. Its inclusion onto the album is a bit odd, since it’s heavier and darker than the other tracks on the album. I suppose it’s somewhat of a pick-me-up placed in the middle of the album, but I think the album didn’t need this track.

Disbelief” is an instrumental return to the post-black metal sound. Mario’s ALCEST and HERETOIR influences are readily heard on “On The Last Day.” Amid mid-tempo drumming, there is a sorrowful duet of male and female vocals (credited as Julia). “Forever In My Mind” is my favorite track of the record. The vocal effects, synths, and bright guitar tone elevate it above a typical post-black metal track. “Verfall Pt.2” is the closing track. The “Pt.2” part of its title is a nod to “Verfall,” which was the closing track of FRUST’s debut full length release “Recurring Dreams” from 2019. Like its predecessor, “Verfall Pt.2” is a downtempo instrumental. It recalls many of the melodies heard on “The Advent of Adhara.”

Overall, I recommend this album to fans of post-black metal bands. Despite the slightly raw production, the wistful tunes that can be heard are worth it.

Songwriting: 6
Musicianship: 6
Memorability: 5
Production: 6

3 Star Rating

1. Intro
2. Frozen Sun
3. My Final Day May Never Come
4. Alone
5. The Advent Of Adhara
6. The Feast
7. Disbelief
8. On The Last Day
9. Forever In My Mind
10. Verfall Pt.2
Mario Steiner – Everything
Record Label: Independent


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