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Fuck Off - Hell On Earth II (Revisited & Faster)

Fuck Off
Hell On Earth II
by Mark Sworder at 30 June 2015, 3:44 AM

As you might expect from their chosen name, FUCK OFF are a thrash metal band. Originally formed in 1986, the Spaniards have been through many line up changes, name disputes and hiatus' in the past 29 years. Their new album "Hell On Earth II (Revisited & Faster)" is a re-recording of their 1990 release, "Hell On Earth", accompanied by plenty of bonus tracks - an assortment of demo versions, alternate versions and single versions, of tracks both on and not on the main album. With a sound that is surprisingly melodic, yet still harsh and aggressive (as you'd expect of the genre), the band have a short, sharp and in-your-face record on their hands here!

From the outset, it's clear that FUCK OFF are talented songwriters - they don't just rely on speed, as many thrash bands seem to. Riffs are memorable, drums, bass and guitar parts intertwine in a refreshing way, and instrumental sections offer plenty of tonal and rhythmic diversity! It feels invigorating and exciting!

One slight problem is the vocal performance. Initially, the vocals can be grating and irritating (in the same way nails down a chalk board are). However, as with all vocalists who have a more unique style, repeated listens benefit the record hugely, as you quickly become accustomed to the style! What's more, you begin to see how, without such a
vocal performance, the end result would suffer. The vocals being harsh, angry and extreme allows the guitars, bass and drums to verge more towards a classic metal sound, with the overall vibe remaining one that is definitely thrash!

The core of the album comes in at approximately 25 minutes and consists of 7 songs, making for a pretty intense listen! The bonus tracks add some nice depth, and are a good way of opening up more material to new listeners. A highlight is the demo version of "Torquemada", as it's always nice when a band doesn't feel they have to sing in
English. "Cyclone Pt. IV" is a nice little instrumental more in the style of traditional heavy metal, and adds a nice bit of variety into the mix.

Any band that goes by a name like FUCK OFF knows they will put some listeners off before they've even pressed play. However, the band overcome this capably - "Hell On Earth II (Revisited & Faster)" is intense, exciting and unrelenting. With a musical style that sits nicely between traditional heavy metal and thrash, but most definitely
with an extreme, aggressive tinge to it, there is likely something here for most metal fans.

3 Star Rating

1. Hell On Earth
2. Blasphemy
3. Whom You Have Never to Say His Name
4. Rider From Hell
5. Embraced Religion
6. Witch, Hell Below the Belly
7. Midnight Confession

Bonus Tracks:

8. Torquemada (2000 Invasion)
9. Cyclone Pt. IV (2000 Invasion)
10. Hell On Earth (2013 Long Version)
11. Midnight Confession (2013 Long Version)
12. Embrion, Witch Below the Belly (1989 Single Version)
13. Inquisición (1989 Single Version)
14. Hell On Earth (1989 Single Version)
15. Midnight Confession (1989 Single Version)
Albert - Vocals
Pep - Guitar
Victor - Bass
Ferrán - Drums
Record Label: Xtreem Music


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