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Fuck Off - Smile As You Kill

Fuck Off
Smile As You Kill
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 10 October 2013, 4:32 PM

Being out of the loop for two decades has its toll. Thought I can’t really prove that due to the fact that experienced the effects, yet over the years as bands have been making their comebacks to a changed scene, displaying their old traits and visions, can go either way. Furthermore, after so much time to keep on sticking to your heritage, that is what I call guts and a chunk whole of pride. Pep Casas, guitarist and backing vocalist, the present veteran member of one of Spain’s oldest Thrash Metal bands, FUCK OFF, while not being the band’s original founder, took it upon himself to bring back the deranged tantrum to the 21st century. Three years after its official return, Casas established a new foundation with three rather youthful spirits to let the Thrash roll with the same old burning flam that burned brightly in the band’s early days or the late 80’s and early 90’s. “Smile As You Kill”, attempting to be original with the title there that put a smile on my face, via MDD Records / Xtreem Music, generally shares the old vibe of Speed / Thrash Metal, stabbing MOTORHEAD in the back with early East meets West semi techy Thrash infestations, yet also a Punkish fury that inflames the soul.

Part of the reason that I felt the need to indicate of the Eastern European Thrash is due to the feeling of the eeriness crossing WOLF SPIDER and ASTAROTH for example. Following their raw sense of Punkish attitude and Thrashed up straightforwardness, FUCK OFF applied various of shifts and twists, which several of them appeared quite refreshing while showcasing Heavy Metal and NWOBHM implementations, something like early 80’s IRON MAIDEN. It can be portrayed on the foundation of “Doomed From The Cradle”, yet, and following this song’s vein, the passages and bridges sounded enforced, forged in order to achieve interest and a feel of diversity, but stumbling upon lack of context. It can also be viewed on the awkward nature of the 2013’s version of one of the band’s earlier picks, “People In War”, a decent track that destroys itself a bit with a catastrophic chorus and segments that are out of sight out of mind. “Smile as You Kill”, while incorporating strange weird augmentations that have no need, is what FUCK OFF is really about, violent surge of Thrash, eager and angry Punkheads looking to spill some blood over the pit, simple minded title, charging riffery and onslaught vocal action. “Impera la Corrupción” (Reign Of Corruption), is a steadier FUCK OFF offensive, sharp edge sword against the social decay and the venality of the officials above. This is a total old school Thrash / Speed and Punk with a passionate chorus that won’t mind the looks of the elected officials. Though my Spanish is weak, I have to admit that this one’s ferocity was this band’s foremost gem of this entire release that is mostly average. Nothing here is forced upon, natural anger loosened over speedy riffing and flexible ruthlessness. As a final song input, the cover for “Long Live Rock N’ Roll”, originally by RAINBOW, is quite reasonable, I have heard better but still it is a tribute to Dio after all.

Marking this long story short, FUCK OFF came back from the 80’s with the need to put a stamp of their own on nowadays scene, coming out rotten and wicked, punching rawness, yet with a few attributes that can’t be denied.  

3 Star Rating

1. Azor
2. Doomed from the Cradle
3. Gardens of Stone
4. Smile as You Kill
5. The Priest
6. We Are Back in Town
7. Impera la Corrupción
8. People in War (2013 Version)
9. Long Live Rock & Roll (Rainbow Cover)
Pep Casas - Guitar
Albert - Vocals
Ferrán - Drums
Zappa - Bass
Record Label: MDD Records / Xtreem Music


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