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Fuelblooded - Off The Face Of The Earth

Off The Face Of The Earth
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 06 April 2010, 10:04 AM

Reading promo sheets that say things like “the album flat out kills” and such stuff has really become extremely cliché. Ok, I understand that each label tries to sell its product the best way it can, but let’s be a bit serious people. While writing this intro I still haven’t listened to the album, so I don’t know if FUELBLOODED plays nice or bad music, but I am not actually sure if the band would even agree with these “comments”.

The Dutch quintet is an 8 year old melodic Death/Thrash Metal band that has just unleashed its sophomore full-length album “Off The Face Of The Earth”. Drawing influences from bands like DARKANE, TRIVIUM, even some NEVERMORE, FUELBLOODED deliver a mixture of melodic Death and Thrash Metal with decent melodies, a combination of brutal and aggressive extreme vocals but surely something is missing. This melodic brutality is only slightly different from the rest of the melodeath bands out there, but I guess FUELBLOODED just don’t have this “extra spicy” thing that would make them special. They surely are talented though, something that is obvious in their compositions since they are solid and they seem to be able to do more things, but “Off The Face Of The Earth” just isn’t such a strong release.

The fact is, it is stronger than many releases of the same kind I have lately come across, so I’ll give these guys some extra kudos for this and for their effort, since as I said, they seem to have worked a lot on this album. I just expect more from these guys…

3 Star Rating

  1. The End Starts Here
  2. Discontinued Dormancy
  3. When Passion Dies
  4. Recipe For Demise
  5. The Cult Of Ego
  6. Off The Face Of The Earth
  7. The Wrath Of A’ath
  8. Pandemic Persecution
  9. Demonized
The End Starts Here (Video Clip)
Peter Brinkman - Vocals
Michiel Rutten - Guitar
Danny Tunker - Guitar
Michel Steenbekkers - Bass
Norbert Moen - Drums
Record Label: My Kingdom Music


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