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Fueled By Fire - Plunging Into Darkness

Fueled By Fire
Plunging Into Darkness
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 29 March 2012, 11:58 AM

Not that I expected anything less from this band, which has already asserted itself as one of the leading forces of the new wave of Thrash Metal, yet they didn't quite provide more than usual. Aggressive like speed and an untamed attitude are a part of the game these guys has been playing for some time now, and they have been doing it rather good. This is the US foursome crew of FUELED BY FIRE. Without a doubt through their old school music you will feel the purity of one of the oldest Metal subgenres and an uncultivated youthful spirit. "Plunging Into Darkness", once limitedly released in 2010, earned itself under a contract to be released by NoiseArt Records.

Similar to numerous of new Thrash releases, the last thing that FUELED BY FIRE did was the re-invention of the wheel. Following Thrash Metal icons like SLAYER, KREATOR, EXODUS, SEPULTURA along with slight TESTAMENT, these guys capture moments of glory under the same ongoing approach that has been feeding the subgenre for decades. Part of this approach that has been festering the album is the fast paced tempo drumming of "umpa unmpa", which has been one of SLAYER's earlier commodities back the day, needless to remind of the Punkish origin of this style. Despite the fact that there is nothing new to report and what is mostly on display is yet another similar version of things, I must accommodate the band of their lead guitar section that devoured with its mayhem. Though not in the highest of forms, I enjoyed the wild shredding. Alongside those, there were the "punch in the face" rhythms that like always in Thrash the next stop is a moshpit or a wall of death. As I mentioned earlier, the rhythms were far from being original yet those were well recorded and performed with a good intention to formulate an addiction.

"Mass Infestation" made me feel young again as it turned out to be the classic form of a Thrash song. I like the speedy stuff but when it turns to a mid tempo chase, I simply drop. "Sickness Of Humanity" is another Thrash Metal anthem reporting the social decay while "Plunging Into Darkness" and the new recording of the closer "Deadly Restraints" are loose cannon massacres of the might of the old school. I think that both young and older fans of the subgenre will get a kick out of this band. They are here to preserve this music and nothing more; I just hope they would remain on top.

3 Star Rating

1. The Arrival
2. Rising From Beneath
3. Within The Abyss
4. Unidentified Remains
5. Plunging Into Darkness
6. Eye Of The Demon
7. Intro
8. Evoke The Curse
9. Amongst The Dead
10. Sickness Of Humanity
11. Mass Infestation
12. Deadly Restraints 
Ricardo Rangel– Lead Vocals / Lead Guitar
Chris Monroy– Lead Guitar
Anthony Vasquez– Bass
Carlos Gutierrez- Drums
Record Label: NoiseArt Records


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